Dreaming from the Journal Page Bonus Materials

Welcome to the Dreaming from the Journal Page bonus content page!

Here is a preview of this beautiful book by Melanie Testa:

Dreaming From the Journal Page by Melanie Testa

Looking for the little bird template for the Wet-on-wet Watercolor exercise?

You’ll find an easy to use PDF download right here:


Interested in a peek into Melanie’s studio? We sent freelance photographer Scott Jones to Melly’s Brooklyn apartment for a few days once upon a time. In addition to hundreds of beautiful step and step and “ambiance” photos, Scott took dozens of shots of Melanie’s workspace — sadly, we could not find room for them all among the pages of Dreaming from the Journal Page. We thought you might enjoy seeing some of them here.





How about a peek at a few of the beautiful journal pages we could not quite fit into 128 pages?






And finally, here is a fun little step-by-step technique demo that combines stenciling with medium resist. Enjoy!






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