In-Code Clutch

As the editor for Raw Art Journaling, I got to know the book well and I learned a lot from Quinn McDonald about how easy it is to express yourself with deep personal meaning not only in words, but in line strokes, colors and a personal favorite, in code!

Remember writing in secret codes when you were younger, to keep your secret thoughts or notes to trusted friends from ever being detected by seemingly judgmental others? I remember feeling incredibly clever that I could communicate or simply express myself quite effectively without having to worry about my thoughts and feelings being laughed at or misinterpreted by peers or grown-ups whom I was pretty certain wouldn’t understand where I was coming from.

Before working on this book, I had long forgotten how much fun writing in code was and I’m so glad Quinn resurrected this for me! In her book, Quinn introduces this fun means of communication as a way to keep your secrets safe in your journal. I tend to journal just about everywhere other than an actual journal, so I decided to do some code writing on a clutch purse that I’ve been dying to make from a very cute pattern in Free & Easy Stitch Style (a very cute book, by the way!).

Using inspiration of the bunting in the stitch book’s project, I created my own version, which holds my coded message both on the front and the back of the clutch. Curious to know what it says? Well, it’s my secret . . .but if you treat yourself to Raw Art Journaling you could probably decipher it.

Oh, and before I forget, while we’re on the subject of Quinn’s book, did you notice we’re having a supercool giveaway? Check it out!

Little side note: I’ve been playing with ColorSchemer and here is a palette I created using it, from this project. Fun, eh?

Color by COLOURlovers



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One Response to In-Code Clutch

  1. How lucky you’ve already gotten to play in Quinn’s book!
    I can’t wait to see a copy.

    Boy I’d like to sew a little more “free and easy” because I normally sew a bit more like “frustrated and cheesy!” I’m going to have to check out this book!

    The color schemer is interesting too… thanks for sharing your tip.
    Best wishes from germany, tj