Art is You – Contest Winner!

Ricë and I know you’ve all been patiently waiting to hear who has been selected to win the prize for the contest we first announced several weeks back—a contest of the very best kind! Truth is, it was very difficult to choose a winner; there were so many lovely entries and deserving souls to consider. After much deliberation, we are excited to tell you that a winner has been selected, and we’ll let Sallianne and Ellen tell you all about it. —Tonia

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“We were inspired last year by Ricë’s blog post that discussed the value of retreats and the reality that many, due to life and economic circumstances, are just not able to attend.  With the assistance of Create Mixed Media, we decided to offer the retreat experience to someone who has never had the opportunity, the catch being that they had to be nominated by someone else.  Over 80 nominations poured in, written by friends, mothers, sisters, daughters and even a few husbands!  It was so hard to choose.  So many in need.  However, we collectively decided on one person who regularly gives of her time, teaching art therapy to wounded warrior caregivers. We believe that this prize will not only help her but will have a definite ripple effect on the people around her, ensuring that the Art is You experience is felt by more than one. Her nominator explained that Aimee has a way of helping everyone tell their stories through art, and we are honored we can further help her find more inspiration to pass along to those who need it immensely. We look forward to welcoming Aimee to the Art is You Family, and we thank Ange for taking the time to share with us Aimee’s story.  Thank you to all who participated.  We would like to send something to each person who was nominated.  If you nominated someone, please email full address details to”

With thanks, Sallianne McClelland and Ellen Legare

001_009_Z9582_01FM.inddTo find out more about art retreats, check out Destination Creativity.







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