Book Notes: Creative Time and Space

Watch as Ricë reviews her own book, Creative Time and Space, a follow up to her book, Living the Creative Life. The book has moments of how to organize time and has looks into artists studios, but Ricë stresses that it is primarily about learning to make the decision, time and space, to make creativity a priority in your life. Ricë guides you to train your brain to always have creativity and art in your mind so there is always space and time. Check out her full book review!

To purchase a copy of her book Creative Time and Space visit the store.

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One Response to Book Notes: Creative Time and Space

  1. Motleymonkey says:

    I have this book. I read it last year. It was a valuable tool in giving myself permission to be an artist, and to take my art seriously after a lifetime of feeling like being an artist was anouncing to the world Im leaving nursing to go to clown school. Thank You Rice Im a happier mom and wife.