Book Notes: Sketchbook Confidential

Sketchbook Confidential is not about art journaling, it’s about sketchbooks—real sketchbooks—the kind that you use as a practice. Sketchbook Confidential offers a rare peek inside the personal sketchbooks of 40+ master artists. From colorful painted sketches to spontaneous napkin doodles, from the intensely personal to the purely whimsical, most of the work here was produced quickly and never intended for public view. It is honest and immediate, fresh and fearless.

Most of the artists in the book are painters, but there are sculptors, weavers, and other artists of the like who show you their preliminary sketches for their larger pieces that they plan to make. You won’t see a lot of mixed media in this book, but you’ll be endlessly inspired by the artists sketches and their encouraging words on how to use a sketchbook.

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