Colored Shrink Film

For a few years now I have enjoyed incorporating shrink plastic into my Plexiglas jewelry. I’m not a huge fan of the frosted variety of shrink plastic and generally, I don’t enjoy coloring on it and then shrinking it down. The appeal to me comes from the fact that when you shrink it, it resembles plexi and so it blends in nicely with what I like to do. So I’ve always just used the clear kind and occasionally black. I like it because you can cut out shapes and have them end up tiny. Shrink plastic makes tiny-shape fabrication way easier than tiny-shape fabrication with a saw and Plexiglas.

So when I was at the Grafix booth during Art Materials World a few weeks ago and discovered they had Shrink Film in six solid colors, plus black and—be still my heart—white (!), I got pretty excited.

I plan on playing with all of these colors, but I wanted to quickly make an easy project to share with you and let you know that you don’t even need to cut out fancy shapes if you don’t want to, to end up with cool results from shrink plastic. For these earrings, I just cut a few strips of the green sheet and hit it with my heat gun. I thought it was fun how some of the strips curled into circles and normally this would freak me out because I would have wanted the shape to remain flat, but I let go of preconceived plans and let them remain as they were.

I’m sure you can see this coming, but that was a good exercise for me—quite trying to insist on a particular outcome and try working with whatever comes my way. Whew—that was easier.


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