Congratulations to Our Incite, Dreams Realized: The Best of Mixed Media Winners!

It’s the big announcement! After hours and hours of deliberation, discussion and debate, Tonia Jenny and the editors at North Light Books- Mixed Media have selected the winners of our first mixed-media art competition, Incite, Dreams Realized: The Best of Mixed Media. Thank you to all of our applicants and congratulations to the winners! These decisions did not come easily and we urge you to keep making mixed-media art!

Without further ado… Here are our winners (alphabetically by artist’s last name):

Brenda Abdoyan- Steam Punk Aviator

Lisa Agaran- Heaven and Earth

                     Lake of Dreams

Sarah Alexander- Letting Go

Daven Anderson- ‘Tis the Season

Susan Ashbrook- Imagination

Becky Bane- Self Portrait

Joy Bathie- Quotes for Life

Barbara Bazan- The Inquiry

Elise Meredith Beattie- Jungle Management

Aaron Bell- Bequiling

Sandie Bell- Japanese Marketplace

Carole Belliveau- Golden Child

Patricia Bereskin- Between the Lines

Julie Birman- Arrival

Marnie Blum- Exposed

Sue Brassel- Looking for Adventure

Ronald Brischetto- Brischetto.Ronald03

Rae Broyles- In Proportion to Courage

Beth Brubaker- 28 Plates Before and After

Carole Burval- Faced with Reality

Maura Cassidy- Darkest Before Dawn


Juliana Coles- Let It Rain

                          This Is Mine

Kathy Constantine- Memories of Paris

Diane Cook- Hope Flies

Linda Cowles- Count to Three

                        Getting from A to B

Marie Danti- The Angst of Dora Maar

Georgia Doubler- Mexican Facades

                           Moth and the Flame

Paula Dysdale-Frazell- Joyce

Fran Dussaman- Desperado

Abby Feinknopf- Morton Salt

Tejae Floyde- Dreams Encased Heart

Elyse Frederick- Cat TV

Karen Furst- The Servants of Ord

Francesca Galliano- Between Heaven and Earth: In the Garden Where Hope and Dreams Dwell

                               Mystic Portrait: Spirit View XIV- The Triune Self

Jose Gallo- Don’t Give Up

                   Emerging Lines

Gayle Gerson- Three Martini Lunch

TJ Goerlitz- Call and Answer

Mel Grunau- Encore

Julie Hacker- Land Under the Clouds

                    Travel Diary

Catherine Hightower- Girl on a String

Karlyn Holman- Path of Light

Terry Honstead- Summer Blossoms

Marty Husted- Rumination

Aleta Jacobson- Leaving

                          Porch Door

                         She’s in There

Laura Lein-Svencner- Journey

                                   Singing My Song

                                   Wide River

Mariette Leufkens- Leonardo’s Day Spa

Valerie Lewis-Mankoff- Microcosms, Part 1

Jenny Manno- Memories of Paris

                        Red Meal Ticket

Nicki Marx- C’hien- Map to the Mountain

Amanda Mauck- Gypsy

Candy Mayer- La Frontera

Raven Sky McDonough- 21st Century Athena

Laly (Lalyblue) Mille- Touch the Dream

Parvin Madirzadeh- My Mother’s Wedding

Jenny Moed- Korpela- Beyond the Dark Forest

Colleen Monette- Hands

Judy Morris- Italiano Classico

                    My Garden Pond

Sharon Navage- On Wings of Light

                           The Window Box

Crystal Neubauer- Deep Calls to Deep

Christine O’Brien-When We Fell in Love

Annie O’Brien Gonzales- Tulipmania

Karen O’Brien- Kokoro of the Sea

Kathy O’Rourke- Transformation

Eve Ozer- So, Where Do I Go From Here?

Barbara Pask- Wedding Gown

Marnita Patton- Dreaming is Linked to Healing

Sandrine Pelissier- Recycling Life

                              White Coffee

Kristin Peterson- Dayzees

Suzy “Pal” Powell- Anchor’s Aweigh


Judith Randall- Actualization

Grace Rankin- Charlie

Lisa Renner- True Colors

Tricia Reust- A Crying Shame

Leslie Riley- A Second Nest

Jennifer Rodriguez- Mr. Sunshine

Mary Rork-Watson- Dreams

Stephanie Rubiano- Aloft

Toneeke Runinwater Henderson- The Color of Light

Sharon Sandel- Copper Field

Trudi Sissons- Night Sky

Eileen Sorg- Foiled Again

                    The Power of Self Esteem

Loryn Spangler-Jones- Possession

Nancy Stanchfield- Blossoms on Blue


                              French Facade


Carol Staub- Charlie’s Squares

                      Piano Man

                      Sidewalk Series 14

Pat Stevens- From the Tapestry of Truth and Beauty

Robert Stockton- Fall Into Place

Neil Sulier- The Carnival

Beryl Taylor- Serendipity

Jami Tobey- Sun Comes Up It’s Tuesday Morning

Rosa Ines Vera- Breed Crows/ Cria Cuervos

                           Departure/ Salida

Lin Viglione- Vision

Myrna Wacknov- Fragments

                           Home Alone

                           What About Evelin

Melissa Walker- Afternoon Sail on Broad Creek

Michael Weiss- The Boat

Gia Whitlock- Flow

Nancy Yule- Bound by Ceremony

All winners have been contacted. If you see your name on this list and have not received and email from us, please leave a comment below and we’ll get in touch with you.

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