Congratulations to the Art Journal Kickstarter Artists!

Art Journal Kickstarter final artists_160The editors of and North Light Books would like to send out a heartfelt congratulations to the winners of the Art Journal Kickstarter competition! Choosing art for books like this is always hard, but this one carried even more weight. We recognize that it takes courage to submit any artwork to be judged, maybe even more for your personal art journals. Thank you for sharing your work with.

Art Journal Kickstarter Artists

Below is the list of artists who have been selected to have art featured in the Art Journal Kickstarter book. Attempts have been made to contact all of the artists below using the method you used to submit your art (i.e. if you submitted your art via twitter, we have tried to contact you via twitter.). If you see your name or user name on the list below but haven’t received a message from us, please send us an email at

(Artists are listed in alphabetical order by first name or user name.)

Abigail LaShomb

Agnieszka Anna Niedźwiecka


Amanda-Jayne Baldwin

Amy Forsyth

Angela Pena

Ann Renee Lighter

Anna K.

Barbara Giller

Belinda Spiwak

Bernice Hopper

Boo Giannini Martin

Brian Kasstle


Candace Lawlor

Carla Dixon

Carol Marion

Carrie Todd

Cindy Angiel

Cindy Blevins


Colleen Kline

Cynthia Russell

Darby Casey

Dawn Howell

Deb Versluis

Deborah Hunter-Davis

Debra A Terry

Delfina Zapata

Denise Bannon

Dianne Carey

Eila Anttila


Frieda Oxenham

Gayle Price

Gerit Nagel


Ingrid Dijkers

Jan La Follette

Jana Bodin

Jean Marmo

Jeanette Montero

Jeanne Brickman

Jenny Moed-Korpela

Jessica Kovan

Jessica Sporn

Jill Hejl

Joanna Grant

Jolene Elliott

Joy Bathie

Julia A.Dean

Julia Crucil

Karen Bearse

Katherine Jeanne Wood

Kay Reist


Kristin Peterson


Laurie Caradonna

Lea DeCosta

Linda Sedgley

Lisa Cyr

Lisa Maxwell Brown

Liubov Kadyrova

Luis Montero

Mandy van Goeije

Marianne Goodell

Mary Theresa Harrison

Maryanne Hawes

Maureen Craddock

Melissa Johnson

Mindy Tshudy

Molly Alexander


Nancy Belle

Natasha White

Normajean Brevik

Palma Rea

Pat Van West

Paula Hagar

Penelope Harris

Robyn Wood

Roxanne Coble

Ruth L

Ruth Levy

Sara Naumann

Seth Apter

Sharen Chatterton

Sharon Mathis

Sharon Parcel

Sherry Pollack

Stacy Spangler

Tammy Murdock

Teri Casper

Teri Flemal

Terry Garrett

Theresa t. MIRABILE

Thomas LaBadia

Tina Walker

Tristina Dietz-Elmes


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