Craft Wars: Mixed-Media Style!

Congratulations to our Craft Wars Mixed- Media Style winner, Frances Peets!

There’s No Place Like Home
by Frances Peets

Her project, “There’s No Place Like Home” won with 46 “likes” on Facebook! Her project included all four required items: stencils, glitter, gel pens and chipboard. There were seven entries into the contest and you can see pictures of those projects on our Facebook page. See below for details about what our contestants had to do to enter their projects.

Contest Details

You’ve seen of Craft Wars on TLC (which airs Tuesdays at 10 pm /9c) now it’s your turn to put your skills to the test! will be hosting our own craft wars, with a few changes. Your goal: create a unique mixed media project using four common mixed-media items/materials or tools that we name (and you can add other materials, of course). You’ll have 24 hours to create your masterpiece and post it on our Facebook page with a brief description of the project and what materials you used.

The winner with the most creative project, determined by the number of ‘likes’ on Facebook, will win $100 in your choice of products from the North Light Shop and The winning project will also be featured prominently on a post at Caught your attention? Feeling Crafty? See below for more details and clues!

Each Thursday between now and July 19, we’ll be posting a clue about what material you’ll have to work with. Clues will be posted at the bottom of this page, so keep checking back! The clue will lead you to a post on where the material is referenced. If you can figure out what material is being referenced, you’re a step ahead!

All four required materials will be named at 12 noon on Thursday, July 19th and you will have 24 hours from the announcement to create and post your project on our Facebook page,

The winner, selected by how many ‘likes’ your project gets on Facebook, will be named on Tuesday, July 24th.


June 28: Clue 1 Stencils

This common mixed media material can be used repeatedly to help make an image. You can make it yourself or buy them in sets. The post below uses this item:

Inspiration from the Sketchbook: Camera Ready

July 5: Clue 2 Glitter or Glitter Glue

It shimmers and sparkles and makes everything shiny. You can get it in a glue, or in loose form, too. Lisa Pace is known for her love of this item, as shown in both posts below:

Artist Profile: Lisa M. Pace

Modeling Film Flower: A Tutorial

 July 12: Clue 3 Gel Pens of any color

This clayboard book tutorial uses a black one to add some *immediacy* to this cover. But these products also come in a variety of colors. Get yours “write” away to use in this project!

July 19: Clue 4 Chipboard or Grunge board.

This material is used in the following two posts for very different projects:

Create Burnished Metal: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Lighting Candles


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One Response to Craft Wars: Mixed-Media Style!

  1. Seth says:

    This was a great idea. Congratulations to Frances for her winning piece!