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We had such a good time during our recent everything encaustic webinar with Michelle Belto and we learned A LOT. But despite a 20-minute Question and Answer session, we still had dozens of listener questions left over after the hour-long session ended. Michelle and I saw a great opportunity there, so a few days ago we spent about 40 minutes on the phone together talking even more about working with encaustic. We hope you enjoy this podcast!

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Encaustic painting instruction

encaustic painting supplies

R&F Encaustic Starter Kit  This Starter Kit Includes:

  • Five 40ml blocks of encaustic paint
  • 4oz each of encaustic medium and soy wax
  • 2 Hake brushes
  • 2 metal palette cups
  • 2 flat 5×7″ and 1 cradled 8×10″ Encausticbord
  • A color chart and a technical packet

All you need to add is heat!

R&F Encaustic Essentials Kit which provides the essential components for setting up an encaustic workspace; from heating equipment and panels to paints, grounds, brushes and mediums. It’s all here (and at 15% off open stock prices)!



Encaustic Workshop by Patricia B. Seggebruch

Encaustic (wax) painting is a relatively simple process that produces highly impressive results. In Encasutic Workshop, you will be introduced to encaustic painting, the tools and supplies needed and more than 25 step-by-step techniques for delving into this layered medium. Techniques include adding pigments to color the wax, layering in papers and fibers, adding foils, photos and carving, as well as other non-traditional techniques such as carved stamps, alcohol inks and rub-ons. Complete projects show you in a step-by-step format how to combine the techniques to create a more complex finished piece and a bonus gallery offers additional inspiration.

Encaustic painting artist“My whole life has been about the absolute joy of creating art.” Michelle Belto has been an artist and teacher since 1971. She holds a BA degree in Education, teaching certifications in Art and Theater, and an MA from John F Kennedy University in Arts & Consciousness. Her work as a performer, presenter and visual artist spans more than thirty years, three continents and thirteen publications. Michelle Belto is a traditional artist working in non-traditional media. She creates her own canvases from hand-made paper and then paints on these amazing forms with colored layers of molten beeswax. Her contemporary paintings sit on the wall like sculpture. Rich in texture with a luminous quality that is hard to describe, viewers of her work often can’t help themselves from reaching out to touch the art. Belto has exhibited throughout the United States in such venues as the Texas Museum of Fiber Arts Austin, Texas; Victor Fisher Gallery Oakland, California; the West Bend Gallery of Fine Arts West Bend, Indiana; and M2 Gallery, Houston, TX.  She has been a featured presenter in such conferences as the National Catholic Educational Association, New Orleans, Lousiana; the International Dance Fellowship Conference, Sydney, Australia; and Convergence, National Visioning Conference, Chicago, Illinois. She has written and produced numerous scripts including Hildegard of Bingen a full length one woman play that she performed throughout the United States and Canada.  Her most recent grant, Creative Capital, was awarded by the San Antonio Cultural Arts Department to further her career as a visual artist. Michelle Belto now works full time as a visual artist, living in the Texas hill country with her husband and a menagerie of furry creatures. You can learn more about Michelle and her work via her website,, and her blog, Wax and Paper blog. You’ll also find Michelle on Facebook and Twitter — just search her name.

Be sure to join us for our next webinar with metalworking artist, Thomas Mann. His webinar on October 25 at 1 pm will be covering all things metalworking including the Jeweler’s Saw. Register now for the webinar! Artist and author Thomas Mann will spend the hour with us, teaching us all the basics of the jeweler’s saw — including anatomy, ergonomics and technique. We’ll move on to a fascinating discussion of several different types of blades and their purposes — you’ll be amazed by the incredible versatility of this seemingly humble tool! And finally, we’ll wrap up the webinar with a demonstration of a classic sawing exercise — something to really whet your sawin’ appetite! Register now for the webinar!

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