Faux Bone Story Bracelet

I’m reading a book right now by Richard J. Leider and David A. Shapiro called Claiming Your Place at the Fire: Living the Second Half of Your Life on Purpose and in the book there is much discussion about the importance of personal stories—of telling our stories and even simply recalling our personal stories to see how we have arrived where we are at. Liz Lamoreux encourages this in her book, Inner Excavation, and she shares with readers the importance of honoring the stories that got you where you are right now in order to have a clearer picture of where you might be tomorrow.

All this pondering about stories got me itching to create something I could tell a story with—something I could instill with meaning—but also something I could wear to remind me of the value of my stories. Then, I remembered a project Robert Dancik has in his book, Amulets and Talismans: Simple Techniques for Creating Meaningful Jewelry called the Story Bracelet.

The recollection of that project was very serendipitous, because I had intended to play with a Real Faux Bone Bracelet Kit I got from Robert very soon anyway, so that I could tell you what I thought it was like to work with. Bingo.

Robert makes incredible things with his Real Faux Bone, and I’ve also seen incredible work done by other artists with it, so I was a bit intimidated to get started. The big white bracelet blank was just like a big white journal page or a big white canvas: scary. But I kept my cool, pulled my copy of Amulets and Talismans off the shelf and opened it to the Story Bracelet project. And then I went to work.

Faux Bone really is incredibly easy to saw and the handy shaping tool that comes in the kit, makes it easy to soften hard edges and do a bit of shaping. I followed Robert’s instruction, putting my own spin on things, but generally keeping true to the project in the book. I scribed texture and my story into the surface and I added a bit of color with acrylic paint.

I found the act of shaping, sanding and polishing the bracelet very relaxing and it lent itself well to meditating on my story.

Sometimes when you want to try out a new medium, it can be really overwhelming knowing which type of project to start with—knowing what to actually make. I’m telling you, if you haven’t tried Faux Bone, but have been wanting to give it a try, these kits and some others Robert offers are truly the way to go. I love the availability of Robert’s Real Faux Bone Bracelet Kit just for this reason. He has made it super easy by giving you the tools to get started and he’s taking some of the decision making off your hands by giving you a cool project to start with—that of the bracelet. It’s a small, friendly, un-intimidating size and who doesn’t have the urge to tell their story?


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