Graphite Love

I hadn’t really intended to follow along a mark-making theme here, but my last post mentioned how much I love Sakura’s Glaze and Soufflé pens and now I want to share my love for graphite.

After a long stretch of creating digital art (my Facebook friends might be familiar with the black, white and red daily doodles), I’ve really been enjoying getting back to smudges on paper. I’m still pretty much a monochromatic minimalist and I guess that’s why graphite on paper resonates so well with me; I don’t need to add a lot else to it and it seems to look just fine!

Two graphite finds I really like are Lyra’s graphite stick (6B) and Cretacolor’s Monolith woodless pencil (9B). One thing that’s neat about the graphite stick is its hexagonal shape; it won’t roll off your table. Both of these produce really great dark lines and you can get a variety of line widths from each—particularly the graphite stick.

Note: Tonia uses these pencils regularly in her doodling and artwork. Neither Lyra, nor Cretacolor supplied any product to her or She just loved them so much, she wanted to let you know how awesome they are.


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