Great Gift Picks for Mixed-Media Artists

As many of us know, making art and finding new ways with self-expression truly can be not only uplifting, but you never know when it might actually change someone’s life. And giving the gift of creative inspiration can come in many forms. Here are some suggestions to get you started, whether you’re shopping for someone whom you want to encourage, or you are ready to finally treat yourself (you do deserve it, you know?), check out these fun ideas.


Want to make more meaning?

Raw Art Journaling by Quinn McDonald will teach you how to make more meaning with your words and your art in your journal (and you don’t need to know how to write or draw well to do so).

Layered Impressions by Katie Kendrick will show you how to marry your love of words and art together by creating painterly projects that either inspire or are inspired by your own poetic musings.





Try something new?

Torch-Fired Enamel Jewelry by Barbara Lewis will introduce you to how easy it is to create stunningly beautiful metal jewelry and you don’t even need a kiln so getting started is easy. (Also: Torch-Fired Enamel Jewelry eBook)

Metal Artist’s Workbench by Thomas Mann tells you everything you need to know about using a jeweler’s saw—an even more useful tool than you may have realized! (Also: Metal Artist’s Workbench eBook)

Thomas Mann studioFLUX Bench Pin






Plaster Studio by Stephanie Lee and Judy Wise walks you through projects that incorporate three types of plaster and shows you the countless ways you can use plaster to take your art to a new dimension. (Also: Plaster Studio eBook)

Encaustic Mixed Media by Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch takes encaustic painting in unexpected directions by showing you how to combine wax with all kinds of things using surprising techniques. (Also: Encaustic Mixed Media eBook)

EncaustiKits Incising Kit





Placate your foodie friends?

Flavor for Mixed Media by Mary Beth Shaw will not only inspire you with numerous mixed-media painting techniques (including one of my favorites—the use of stencils), but there are some great recipes in this book! (Also: Flavor for Mixed Media eBook)

Stencil Girl Rafters 9 x 12 Stencil






Map yourself?

Personal Geographies by Jill K. Berry offers tips and techniques for creating meaningful maps of yourself, your experiences and your personal journey.






Sample multiple art retreats nationwide (without leaving your chair)?

Destination Creativity by Ricë Freeman-Zachery (featuring photography by Earl Zachery) lets you not only see inside numerous art retreats—large and small—but brings you a front-row seat to five inspiring workshops.




Transform the world?

Desire to Inspire by Christine Mason Miller takes you by the hand and opens the door to amazing possibilities that are waiting for you once you realize how inspiring you, yourself can truly be.

Art Saves by Jenny Doh proves just that with inspiring stories and examples of how you, too, might like to try sharing the power of art with others. (Also: Art Saves eBook)





For the discerning artist who likes to pick their own gifts?

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