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U7878_Incite2_CM.inddIncite 2 Color Passions: The Best of Mixed Media is now available! The editors of and North Light Books have been eagerly awaiting this opportunity to show you a preview of this beautiful and inspiring book. The 109 artists featured within this book’s pages were selected from hundreds of applicants and represent a variety of mixed-media art styles. To see the full list of contributors and find their website information, visit the Incite 2 Bonus Content Page.

You can see your art in the third edition of Incite by entering your art in the Incite 3 The Art of Storytelling art competition. Get all the details here.

Here is a sampling of the incredible artwork in Incite 2, one piece of art from each chapter, to give you just a taste of what’s inside.


Chapter 1: Emotion

Memory Garden

Memory Garden by Eve Ellis-Carlson

24″ × 44″ (61cm × 112cm)
encaustic (beeswax and resin pigments) on wood panel

For Memory Garden, I wanted the color palette to evoke the gritty, organic colors of the earth and flesh. The dark, ethereal quality of dreams and memories seemed to emerge with the use of earthy sepias and ochre, and the ghostly, transparent quality of clear beeswax lent itself well to the silhouette figures at the top.
For this painting, I lightly sketched the profile and general design idea on the wooden panel beforehand, then began to lightly layer in the pigments, fusing one thin layer at a time. The spiky, plant-like balls that are growing in the image were inspired by locally found milk thistle pods. They provide stark contrast and were a technical challenge as the wax in encaustic dries very quickly, so tiny details and sharp points must be teased out of the painting in haste. For me, color sets the mood: Even one or two colors can create an emotional landscape for the viewer to traverse.

Chapter 2: Composition


Birds Melody by Irena Orlov

24″ × 36″ (61cm × 92cm)
digitally manipulated photograph, acrylic paint, pen and watercolor on 300-lb. (640gsm) cold-pressed watercolor paper

What is beauty? It is much better to seek beauty where no one expects to find it. A simple imperfection can be more attractive than boring perfection. My current body of work focuses on a combination of texture, color and composition. Each piece is manipulated with a unique surface-finish of textures. I combine charcoal, pastels, watercolor, ink, acrylic paint, pen and digital photography to create textural abstract drawings.
Regardless of the media, I strive to capture nature’s innate beauty through each of my pieces. I try to focus on organic contours and unique textures. My hope is that the viewer is enticed to feel the textures and is able to interact with the work

Chapter 3: Memory


Bloom Wildly! by Laly Mille

12″ × 12″ (30cm × 30cm)
acrylic, ink, oil pastel and collage on stretched canvas

Color is so powerful and can affect our mood in so many ways. When choosing colors, I tend to follow my feelings more than the color wheel. I painted this piece outside in the garden, and I remember a warm summer breeze suddenly blowing all my collage papers away, scattering them on the grass like so many colorful wildflowers. All these colors made me feel happy and free, and I put them all on the canvas with wild abandon: paint, inks, scraps of paper and words all came together quite intuitively. And it seems to me that all I did was watch the colors bloom wherever they wanted.

Chapter 4: Process


Lunch Together by Yael Maimon

18″ × 24″ (46cm × 61cm)
oil, charcoal and soft pastel on linen

Lunch Together is part of my Cats series. I tried to capture the magic of two cats sharing a meal. Working on the cats, I reserved the white of my surface and used rich oil colors, warms and cools. I love playing with colors, working with imagination and intuition. The background was done using mostly charcoal and very thin oil paint. Dark pastel accents were the final touches. Keeping color usage to a minimum in the background made the cats pop out and enhanced the boldness of their fresh, pure colors. Letting my color passion guide me, I’ve conveyed a powerful yet sensitive scene.

Chapter 5: Message

Women of Color

Women of Color by Grace J. Errea

70″ × 51″ (178cm × 130cm)
cotton fabric, cotton thread and glass beading

This piece is an attempt to show that skin color should not stand in our way to coexistence. Each woman represents a different race, but they are all united by their humanness.
In this piece, the use of color hue was secondary, and color value was primary. The faces were created by translating each shape’s value from a photograph to the color chosen for that face. It was all a matter of value translation.
To enhance the women, the background was designed separately for each woman in a complementary color scheme. For example, the green background surrounds the middle woman wearing the red shroud.

Chapter 6: Story


Goat Gazing by Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson

24″ × 20″ (61cm × 51cm)
hand-painted papers and acrylic on birch panel

This image came to me in a dream. One twilight morning, in the space between asleep and awake, an image of a goat with constellations and stripes of wallpaper floated into my subconscious mind. When I awoke, I tried to sketch what I had in my head. I began to wonder what the significance of the stars and the fish were. Upon researching, I found that the constellation Capricornus, the Sea Goat, tied together the gyotaku fish prints (courtesy of artist Chuck Seaman) and the starry sky with my image of the grinning goat.
My passion for vibrant color was unleashed in the yellows, golds, blues, oranges, pinks and purples of the goat. The constellation backdrop was created using an amazingly vibrant metallic blue acrylic that I order from California. The vertical wallpaper stripes gave an opportunity for more vibrant color, which offset the dark fish prints.


U7878_Incite2_CM.inddTo find out more and order a copy of Incite 2 Color Passions, click here.


You can see your art in the third edition of Incite by entering your art in the Incite 3 The Art of Storytelling art competition. Get all the details here.

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