Incite 3: The Art of Storytelling Winners!

Incite 3 The Art of and North Light Books are pleased to announce the artists and artwork selected to be featured in the Incite 3: The Art of Storytelling book! We look forward to learning more about the stories behind each artwork!



(Listed alphabetically by artist’s last name. Winners have been notified by email; please email if you see your name but have not received an email.)

First Name              Last Name                              Art Title


Lisa Agaran River Solace
Sarah Alexander Tenacity
Nancy Anderson A Lifetime
Daven Anderson LAST LIGHT
Beverly Ash Gilbert Golden Sunset
Beverly Ash Gilbert Purple Poppies
Laurie Barna The Face of Liberty
Linda Bell Cat Idioms
Carolyn Berry Edward’s Barn
Carolyn Berry Natue’s Blessing
Donne Bitner Night Visitor
Marnie Blum A Tale of My Own Making
Elizabeth Bobey Diamonds Are Forever
Kathy Brandenberger-O’Rourke Consider the vision in my head
Carmen Bruhn Queen Bees
J. Jordan Bruns Farmers Market
Orin Carpenter Sparrow#3
molly cassidy wedding invitation
Arlene Chaplin Journal Page: Celebration
Cynthia L. Clark A Worn Through Soul Hanging onto a Dream
Kathleen Conover Timelines: Silk Road
Kathy Constantine Words of Wisdom
Lisa Cyr Masquerade of Wits
Elaine Daily-Birnbaum An Afternoon Story
Lois DeCastro Google the Destination
Jay DeChesere Rescued….at last!
Christa Desjarlais The Window
Halina Domanski French connection
Wanda Edwards Balance
Wanda Edwards Memories
Eve Ellis-Carlson Life Of A Girl
Grace J. Errea Rainbow Canyon
Al Esmaeilipour Immigrant #2
Titika Faraklou BE BRAVE!
Rosella Farmer A Tangled Fling
Damianne Fischer I’ll Just Fly Away
Brinley Froelich Low Tide
Ellen Fuller Vincent
Jenny Germann On A Boat
Monica Gewurz Mazel Tov
Deborah Gregg Knowledge Over Fear
Deborah Gregg Why Does It Rain?
Mel Grunau Four Seasons
NC hagood “run deep”
Tonya Haswell Nostalgia
Amber Haycox The Weight
Paula Haynes Consider the Ravens
Jennifer Heine Buy and Sell
Jill Hejl Global Storms Breaking Us
Stacey Hogue Free
Terry Honstead A Mother’s Love
Michele Jackson Ashes of Freeom
Aleta Jacobson Yellow Dream
Shirley Jeane One Eye on the Prize
Emanda Johnson The Author with Nessie
Therese-Lydia Joseph Been Around The Block
Bev Jozwiak Free Spirit
Karen Kelly The Emergence of a Woman – Adolescence
Elisa Khachian Happy Green Cake
Jaya King The Chicken That Saved The Day
Carrie Ann Knupp The Golden Veil
Maria Kolodziej-Zincio Childhood Lost 4
Jessica Kovan The Shadow Side
Dorothy Lee Man of Tunis
Laura Lein-Svencner Take Heart
Jackie Liddell Haunted Loft with a View
Sue Lion Receiving and Giving
Janet Lucking I’ll Be Home Late Tonight
Dawna Magliacano Gentle Princes
Dawna Magliacano Queen Bunny IV
Yael Maimon Stray
Jean Marshall Tides of Time
Cindy McClary In Memory of Amy
Don McCorkell Running boy Papua New Guinea
Suzanne McCourt “The Hawk”
Darlene Olivia McElroy Second Sight
Laly Mille Refuge
Tiffany Miller Russell Anuran Cathedrals
Tiffany Miller Russell Stomp
Penne Mobley Protected
Jenny Moed-Korpela You Are Beautiful
sharon navage Winter’s Choice
Conrad Nelson Dossier d’Artiste (# 7)
Cathy Nichols If You Want to Get Lost, Follow Me
Haleigh Nickerson Grotesque
Annie O’Brien Gonzales Bowl-O-Matic
Jodi Ohl Down By The River
Barbara Olsen More Than Meets the Eye
Laurie O’Reilly ‘What Were You Thinking’
Jeanne Osgood Taken
Eve Ozer Until We See Each Other We Are Lost
Leesa Padget ‘Fecundity’
Renee Pasquale Hallelujah
Novita Permatasari Macaques
Ruth Pina The Muse
Katherine Pippin Pauley The Journey
Tom Powell Brushy Mountain 1726
Suzy Pal Powell Wyoming Cowboy
Terry Gay Puckett Mesquite Tree Fantasia
Toni Pullen PullenToni2jpg
Natalie Raffield Girl at Takoradi Market
Tricia Reust Truth Cloak
Eldis Rodriguez Baez Las Vacas Locas
Eldis Rodriguez Baez Loneliness
Mandy Russell My Stomping Ground
Tonja Sell Patchwork Sweater
Mary Beth Shaw Real Deal
Trudi Sissons Me, Myself and I
Steph Slater The Race
Martice Smith II From Roots to Glory
Sarah Soltan مصر (maSr)
Loryn Spangler-Jones War
Carol Staub Mother Nature
Carol Staub Untold Stories
Robert Stockton What the Gods Allow
Roxanne Evans Stout Soon
Kelley Sullivan Angels and Monkeys
Dashuai Sun Immigrants United
Cathy Taylor Grandma’s Attic
Sheri Trepina A Walk at Tally Lake, MT
Edward Tuttle Finding My Voice
Randy Van Dyck Pi in the Sky
Tyler Voorhees The Lector
Myrna Wacknov Metamorphosis
Sharon Wall Full Moon Turtle Waltz
Kerri Warner Bubbles
Mo Wassell Measuring Up
Lynette Waters-Whitesell Silent Shadow
Lynn Welker Last Tree in the City
Jenny Wood In a bubble
Marian Zielinski The Curtain Rises
Ana Zumbach Gaia


To hold you over until Incite 3 is published in Fall 2015, check out Incite, Dreams Realized and Incite 2: Color Passions!

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