Inspired By! The Desire to Inspire Force of Good Awards: DREAM BIG

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Who has inspired YOU to DREAM BIG? Nominate him or her below in the comments section for a chance to win an ORIGINAL PIECE OF ART FOR THAT PERSON and a FREE copy of Desire to Inspire!

Read on for the details….comment below.

There are a lot of inspiring people in the world (and we know that you know several of them) and we want the power of their example to reach far and wide. That’s why we—those of us at and Christine Mason Miller—are so excited to announce a way to spread the word . . .

In her book, Desire to Inspire, Christine Mason Miller spotlights a wide range of creative individuals, all with a common desire to make a positive impact. Now it’s your turn. This is your opportunity to acknowledge your mentors, friends, family members, colleagues or acquaintances who have inspired you to dream big, scale an impossible mountain, make a difference or simply become a force of good in the world.

Now through March 8, each Thursday I will share with you details about the chapters in the book that inspired our four awards:

  • The DREAM BIG Award (boldly making one’s dream a reality)
  • The MOUNTAIN CLIMBER Award (overcoming great challenge with a positive perspective)
  • The MAKE-A-DIFFERENCE Award (inspiring us to be of service to others)
  • The LIVING IT FULLY Award (offering a beautiful example of being present in every moment)

At the end of each week’s post, you are free to nominate your special someone, by leaving a comment explaining who you wish to nominate and why. We would love it if you included a link to this person’s blog or website if they have one.

Each week, everyone who comments will be entered to win a copy of Desire to Inspire, and then on March 15, the winners of the four awards—who will be selected by a specially appointed panel from CreateMixedMedia—will be announced right here.

So let’s get to it! First up: The DREAM BIG Award. Be sure to stop back by each Thursday for more on the other awards and more inspiration!


Artwork by Christine Mason Miller

The DREAM BIG Award stems from chapter three in the book, “Walking Hand in Hand: The Partnership Between You and Your Dream.”

This chapter speaks repeatedly about the importance of remaining open to the unexpected when setting intentions and journeying toward what it is you really want from your life. To put it another way, we should not assume that there is only one clear-cut path to achieving our goals. In fact, chances are good that the best road is one we would never have even envisioned, so we can do ourselves a favor by not insisting we should be able to have the entire story written in our heads ahead of time.

When mentioning a time during her writing of the book, Christine says that there was a Tuesday morning when dishes were piled high in the sink and she had an appointment in an hour, yet an inner force nudged her to sit at her kitchen table and write this chapter, right then in that moment. She says that at one time, she may have had romanticized ideas about writing only after a certain candle was lit and she was given a clear slot of uninterrupted time, but that, as she put it, “My dreams are not always especially interested in accommodating these fuzzy-edged imaginings (and neither is my editor). In fact, dreams tend to infiltrate all kinds of unexpected situations in order to garner attention.”

Photo by McCabe Russell

This non-attachment to seeing how the story is going to play out before it actually does can seem frustrating if we’ve never tried it before. It can also be a bit scary to release our tight grip on everything we wish to control and to put our trust in some unseen force. I like the way contributor Marianne Elliott puts this in the book: “I’ve come to understand that while my intention matters very much, my goals and plans matter very little.”

All this is not to say that achieving our dreams results from inaction on our part; rather we just need to remain open to the timeframe and little nuances along the way that may come as surprises. And for those times when we get restless to start moving quantitatively in the direction of our dreams, but we are daunted by the vastness of it all and uncertain what we can do today, Christine has an excellent exercise in the book—called The Perfect Time is Now— that you’ll find incredibly helpful (and insightful!) in aiding you to act immediately.

Artwork by Penelope Dullaghan

So tell us, who do you know who has boldly stepped into their life and is now living what was at one time only a dream? Who do you remind yourself to think about when you get discouraged because thinking about them is a testament that great things do come to those who dare to dream big?

Leave a comment here, telling us all about the person you’d like to nominate for the DREAM BIG award (or one of the three other awards). If you write a post about your nomination on your own blog, you can include a link for that as well. On March 15, 2012, our Force-of-Good Panel will reveal the four Inspired By! winners, and if your nominee is chosen, they’ll receive a signed copy of Desire to Inspire, along with an original collage creation by Christine Mason Miller. But that’s not all; just by leaving a comment that nominates someone, you’ll be eligible each week for a randomly selected winner of a copy of the book! So tell us who you are inspired by!


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14 Responses to Inspired By! The Desire to Inspire Force of Good Awards: DREAM BIG

  1. Seth says:

    I would like to nominate Alicia Caudle for the Dream Big Award. As artists we spend so much time isolated, working away in our studio, that it is sometimes easy to forget the opportunities that we have to impact others and make a difference. Alicia has recently embarked on a project that does just that: a non-profit art group for children with aspergers syndrome and autism. She is stepping out and doing something special with her skills and talentl. She is taking an idea and turning it into reality. She is dreaming big!

    You an read a bit more about her idea on her blog here:

  2. colleengilgenbach says:

    I’m inspired by Fleta Monaghan. She runs a gallery/art school and STILL finds time to create the most amazing encaustics.

  3. I would have to second Seth’s choice, Alicia Caudle. As Seth pointed out, she has not only been an inspiration for myself but for many other artists. Her new project spotlighting aspergers and autism is nothing short of incredible!

  4. Jen Osborn says:

    Well, I just have to nominate Melody Ross of Brave Girls Club. Not only does she continually inspire me to dream big dreams, and overcome the obstacles life throws my way – she inspires thousands of women all over the world to put on their Brave Girl Boots and “DO IT ANYWAY!”. I stumbled upon Melody online during one of my darkest times; trying to let go of the illusion of having control over an alcoholic husband who had really lost his way, trying to keep him out of trouble, and trying trying trying to hold my family together through it all. Melody’s story of dealing with her husband’s closed-head injury touched me so deeply I found the courage to put myself first, and attend Brave Girls. I cannot even begin to go into the ways it changed my life, brought friendships to me I never would have made otherwise, and opened me up to really living life instead of just trying to survive it. My husband is now sober 6 months, and I know a big part of that is due to the courage I gained at Brave Girls Camp to let him finally be responsible for himself and expect better things for myself. She’s a life changer!

    • September says:

      I would like to second Jen’s nomination. I met Melody Ross online three years ago, on Facebook, completely by accident. I never expected the kind of support I received from a complete stranger at a time in my life when I was, very sadly, faced with a 15 year old son who was getting into trouble that was bigger than anything I’d ever known in my life. Melody and I exchanged SO many emails, and she was always steadfast and amazing. When she started Brave Girls Club, I thought it would be good, but after attending three of her online classes, I can honestly say it was not just good, it was life changing. My life will never be the same, nor will I ever be in the kind of dark pain I was in before the light that is Melody Ross came into my life. I am within 90 days of attending Brave Girls Camp, and meeting her in person. I can’t wait. I feel as if we’ve known each other for years. My son, who is now 18, is turned around and in college. Life. is. good. Because, Melody taught me to put on my Brave Girl Boots and “Do it anyway.” Between Melody and her sister Kathy, who run Brave Girls Club, the world is being changed, one woman at a time!

      • tmranch says:

        I also support the nomination of Melody Ross with Brave Girls Club. She took a personal family crisis and built the most amazing and encouraging online life courses as well as one-on-one Brave Girl Camps. She came into my life at the perfect time and because of her work I am now on MY true path and able to pay it forward with the tools that I have learned from her and her sister Kathy Wilkins. They are changing lives one girl at a time and that makes the world a better place. I would encourage you to meet Melody Ross, she will make a positive difference in YOUR life too.

  5. I would like to nominate Maya Corinne for the Dream Big award. She embodies the dynamic creative force – I truly got tingles the first time I heard her share on TED ( about building a conscious creative feminine legacy. Since then I have joined one of her Moonstorm Sessions, and along with a small group of consciously creative kindred women, am actively involved in building my own creative legacy.

  6. Fab orange5 says:

    Yup I would like to nominate Melody Ross aswell!!! She is the Biggest Dreamer I know!! What i love the most is that she pushes and encourages EVERYONE to live out their dreams and she really cares about those dreams. She has been an amazing person to watch, she grew a dream so big that she wanted to share it with the world, and she DID it, no matter how difficult it was for her. So yes I think she is so fitting for this award.
    Thankyou Melody!!!

  7. There are so many good nominations, but I have to nominate a couple of friends of mine. Jarrod and Ayngel Elmore took a leap of faith and opened up a studio that would serve as a yoga studio and a dance studio. They had nothing when they started and basically out every part of them into making this dream come true. Not only are their yoga class flourishing, they have two other programs. One is Bite Sized Broadway which introduces young children to musical theater. They also have their Mojo Theater, which is a program that uses music and other arts to help kids with developmental disabilities. This program has branched out to larger surrounding cities and it is just incredible to think about all they have done with nothing but a dream and a desire to make it come alive.

  8. LindsayDrya says:

    I would like to nominate Jamie Ridler. I have joined her mini moments a couple of months ago, the monthly dream board project and every week I also try to join her Wishcasting project. She’s one of the most inspiring women I know! She’s full of enthusiasm and can always make me smile. 🙂

    You can read more about her here:

  9. patsypat says:

    I’d like to nominate Kelly Rae Roberts. I’ve read her story and see how her art has evolved. She’s very inspiring, and surely, she has dreamed big and continues to dream! Patsy from HeARTworks

  10. mixedmediagal says:

    I would like to nominate Katherine Wolf. In her mid-twenties she had a massive brain stem stroke. She was not expected to live or recover but she did. She has a number of physical limitations but continues to press on and dream big. Her story has been so inspiring to me and I truly hope that she can win the lovely art piece by Christine. I’m sure it would mean a lot to her. Please read her story at: Her website has additional information. She is an amazing person who reaches out to others even though she remains challenged in many ways.

  11. Jeannie says:

    I would like to nominate Melanie Testa. Melanie’s art has always inspired me, but this past year opened my eyes to what determination and strength she has as well. Melanie has always shared generously with all on her blog with tutorial, words of encouragement, and a desire to help her readers find their potential. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, Melanie showed the world what a fearless warrior truly is. She not only fought and won her battle, she wrote a book, and still encouraged her readers. She is my heroine.

  12. hhalenbeck says:

    I’d love to nominate ELLEN ERCOLINI of the Creative Giraffe for the Dream Big Award! As a life coach, and youth community leader for the Amigos de las Americas program for the last three years, Ellen devotes her days to helping the people around her see their own unique potential- and then galvanize them to take action on their dreams that are way beyond what they’ve ever thought possible. Through my work with Ellen, I have thrown out apologies and started owning my life in a whole new way. Now I wake up everyday full of gratitude. I’m in the relationship I’ve always hoped to find, I’m starting my own business, and I feel like I have finally created my ideal home, after years of wandering. I accredit all of this to my work with Ellen. Her site is