Luminarte Paint Review

This Editor’s Pick guest post comes from Deryn Mintock. See the end of the review for more information about Deryn.

We could call this a Luminarte paint review, but we’re not sure that would be strictly fair, since this is not so much a review as a celebration. Hear from a devoted promoter, fan and user of Luminarte paint–firstly the Luminarte Twinking h20. Then you might feel inspired to try out these paints on your next piece of collage art, collection of art journal pages or mixed media drawing. The possibilities for this favorite mixed media painting tool appear to be endless.

I’ve long been a huge fan of Luminarte paints. Truth be told, I a bit obsessed with them. specifically, their little pots of intensely pigmented Twinkling H2O paints. What’s not to love? These paints are loaded with mica, giving them a luminous glow in addition to their saturated color. Tiny pots, huge color. And speaking of color, Luminarte paints come in a multitude of inspiring colors. And, they’re water based so clean up is a breeze.

But, let me back up a bit. My love affair with Luminarte started years ago. My eye was attracted by the luscious colors of the Twinkling H2Os and, before I knew it, I’d collected quite a few of them! I don’t know about you but I feel compelled to try products that are new and intriguing—tools, papers, paints, you get the idea. I have a  vast stash of “might-be-useful-at-some-point-in-the-future” items, some of which have ended up gathering dust. When I acquired the first of my many little pots of H2Os, I found it hard to stop at just a few colors; they’re just so darned pretty. And, guess what? Unlike many of my “must-have” items, these paints never sat on the shelf, unused. In fact, I’ve put them to very good use.

My favorite way to use them is when I’m creating my altered cabinet cards. The juxtaposition of faded and timeworn combined with the subtle glow and brilliant color of the paints is a perfect compliment. A big plus: the paints can be applied in so many ways. They can be thinned a lot for a shimmery, translucent layer, or thinned just a little for a glowing, more opaque coverage. They can be painted onto rubber stamps and used as you would stamp pad color. They can be misted on with a spritzer, blotted, sponged, wiped, dropped with a dropper, daubed, stenciled or even applied with a calligraphy brush or pen.

In addition to the H2O pots, Luminarte offers Shimmering Mist sprayers and Radiant Rain daubers. The Shimmering Mist is just what is sounds like: Luminarte’s exquisite colors, in liquid form. The dauber was something I hadn’t used and wondered if I could apply to my work. Once I got my hands on them, I realized how useful they are, especially for covering a larger area. Also in liquid form (but thicker than the Mist) they perfectly deliver a wonderfully intense swipe of paint to the surface of my work which can then be thinned and spread or left alone.

So, there you have it. If you’re looking for a new obsession (and who isn’t?) give Luminarte paints a try. I promise, they really are a “must-have!”


Deryn Mentock has been creating art all her life with a special passion for jewelry design. She enjoys teaching nationally and online at her “Jewelry Works” site. Deryn is a Creative Team member for Susan Lenart Kazmer and a certified Ice resin instructor. She’s a designer for “Michaels” stores “Industrial Chic” line of jewelry elements. Her jewelry, artwork and writings have been featured in numerous books and publications.

See more of her work, view her class schedule and access her online shop at her blog,


NOTE: Deryn has used Luminart paints for years. She did receive some products reviewed in this article, which were added to her already longstanding supply. In all honesty, she would have done the review without them, she loves them that much!


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3 Responses to Luminarte Paint Review

  1. donnarae says:

    I checked the Luminarte website and they have almost nothing in stock. Just a few $40 kits. Where are they sold? I can find only bits and pieces by googling. I’d like one of the 6-color or 12-color kits, but I have no idea where to buy them.

  2. Julie says:

    Hi donnarae,

    I suggest checking out places where scrapbooking supplies are sold as Luminarte has been in that market for ages. Also, Amazon seems to have a solid number of listings (mostly from scrapbook places).

    Julie H.

  3. donnarae says:

    Thanks, Julie.