Mixed-Media Artists News Roundup- 21 November 2014

Get the scoop on your favorite mixed-media artists!

T0396_CM_CreativeTangle.inddTrish Reinhart, author of Creative Tangle, has a new website! On reinstonz.com you’ll find a weekly blog post about mixed media, tangling, crafts and more. You’ll also find links to where you can purchase items with Trish’s tangle patterns on them. If you visit reinstonz.com and leave a comment between now and December 10, 2014, you’ll be able to enter to win a signed copy of Trish’s book, Creative Tangle.


Click here to find out more or order a copy of Creative Tangle by Trish Reinhart.


U4102_CM_StencilGirl.inddAdmit it. You love stencils! You’re not alone and the great people at StencilGirl Products want to aid and abet your stencil obsession. A little birdie from StencilGirl Products told us there’s going to be a big announcement coming very soon. Be sure to sign up for the StencilGirl newsletter so you’ll be one of the first to find out what this big announcement is! Click here to sign up for the StencilGirl newsletter (scroll down to the bottom, it’s on the left).


Click here to find out more or order a copy of Stencil Girl (the book) by Mary Beth Shaw.

ANUJoin Tiffany Lovering for a two-week Artist’s Network University class where you’ll learn to create holiday tangle crafts! Both the poinsettia wreath and the cocoa/coffee mug will make perfect gifts for someone special or as a treat for yourself. This class runs December 2nd-12th so don’t wait to sign up! Click here to find out more about this Artist’s Network University class.


U5666_ArtOfMistakes_finalC.inddMelanie Rothschild recently visited the studios of The Mother Love Show in LA. She talked to to Mother Love about her new book, The Art of Mistakes, a pre-step-by-step guide as opposed to a how-to book. You can watch a clip of Melanie at the Mother Love studio and you can also listen to a podcast of the whole interview at themotherloveshow.com!


Click here to find out more or order a copy of The Art of Mistakes here.

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