Sakura Glaze and Soufflé Pens

I know you probably love pens as much as I do so, just on the off chance you haven’t actually tried the Soufflé or Glaze pens by Sakura, I am here to tell you I think you’d have as much fun with them as I’ve been having.

Artwork by Tonia Davenport

The Soufflé comes in several colors (I wish they came in more primary colors and not just pastel colors), but my favorite is the white. The ink is completely opaque, has a matte finish and has a slight dimension to it when dry. It writes very well over gel medium or paint and I just think it’s really cool how well the white truly covers even black and shows up as white as can be. The only tricky thing is, you can’t write/draw too quickly or the ink doesn’t flow too freely. Also, it comes out fairly transparent so you can’t see what you’ve done too clearly—you just have to draw with blind faith—much like typing without looking at the keyboard. Within a few seconds, the ink begins to set and you can see it becoming more and more opaque. I think it’s kind of fun because it’s like watching a Polaroid develop.

Artwork by Tonia Davenport

The Glaze comes in assorted colors, too, though I’ve only tried the black. The ink flows from this pen very freely and when dry, remains highly glossy. I like it because, it writes over just about any surface and it feels like you’re painting with it when you use it. Like the Soufflé, it keeps a bit of dimension even when it’s dry.

Whether you’re a journaler, doodler or painter, I recommend giving these pens a try and I bet they’ll be some of your favorites, too.

Learn more about these pens by visiting the Sakura Of America site.

Note: Tonia uses these pens regularly in her doodling and artwork. Sakura of America did not supply any product to her or She just loved them so much, she wanted to let you know how awesome they are.


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One Response to Sakura Glaze and Soufflé Pens

  1. Seth says:

    Thanks for the scoop Tonia. I am always looking for good pens to write over acrylics.