How to Make Paper Lanterns, Silhouette Style

There are days, aren’t there, when we just love to work with paper? Recently, Tonia came across a fabulous book—Silhouette Style by Nanetta Bananto—and found herself inspired to learn how to make paper lanterns. Why make your own paper lanterns, you ask? Well, why not! Nanetta’s homemade paper lanterns are detailed, personal and so beautiful! Did we mention easy? Yes, Nanetta makes making paper lanterns—and paperdolls, cards, mobiles, party favors and more—easy with clear instructions and printable templates! Want to know more? Keep reading …

Most of my creative energy as of late seems to be pouring into painting canvas as well as sewing and playing with textiles. There are days, however, when I really just love coming back to paper. And papercutting is something that I truly love, or shall I say, [heart]? You know who else loves cutting up paper? Nanetta Bananto. Her book, Silhouette Style, has so many inspiring projects to use for cards, parties or home décor. What’s really great is that the book also comes with a CD that has all templates used in the projects plus some extras. You just print and cut!

I adore this cute little lantern (there’s an entire chapter in the book devoted to lanterns! Swoon . . .) called Bamboo Kitty Cottage Lantern and now I’m itching to try a different lantern. What I really want to make is a string of hanging lanterns. If I get that done, I promise to share. So many projects, so little time . . . Little lanterns such as this work best with a battery-operated tea light; that’s what I used. That way, you can use it as a nightlight and fall asleep and not burn down your humble abode.

If you want to make papercut lanterns, paperdolls, cards, mobiles or party favors, you really owe it to yourself to buy this book and give your craft knife and cutting mat a new sense of accomplishment!


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