Blast from the Past: Steampunk Art

While artist, Dean Nimmer works on his book Creating Abstract Art for North Light (due out Sept. 2014), he also had a chance to work on steampunk art including a collage and a steampunk machine recreation for the Wood Museum of Springfield History in Massachusetts. Below he talks about the collage and the museum art show for which he created it. Enjoy!


Steampunk collage by Dean Nimmer and Janet Stupak

From Dean Nimmer:

These are photos of the steampunk sculpture that Gary Hallgren, Peter Dellert and I made for the Steampunk show in Springfield, MA. In addition, I created a collage based on the steampunk theme along with my friend Janet Stupak that is part of the show as well.

The show is at the Wood Museum of Springfield History (21 Edwards St, Springfield, MA, 01103) that opens on Saturday, March 22 during regular museum hours – 10am to 5pm. The show continues until September 28, 2014 and I hope you are able to see it if you are near the Springfield area.


The sculpture (left) and collage (right) on display at the Wood Museum of Springfield History.


A little information about the sculpture:

On display is a re-creation of the one and only known steampunk machine that was built by the Schlermer, Schloutmer and Schlitmeinster Schteampunk Company of Springfield, Massachusetts around 1844. This factory made use of a primitive assembly line to organize completely unrelated parts and useless components to make things (or “thingamabobictums” as they were known at the time). These machines were notorious for using devices that weren’t invented yet.

Unfortunately, S.S.S.S.S. Company was in business for only three weeks before its own workers burned it to the ground. The disgruntled workers were distraught because this steampunk factory made devices that only looked cool, but had no actual purpose except to look like they did something… but they didn’t. There were no customers for such devices until the advent of the Home Shopping Network more than a century and a half later. Not wanting to pass judgment, I think we can all agree that this visionary company was far ahead of its time!





T0736_CreatingAbstractArt_CVR.inddLook for Dean’s book in late September 2014.

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