Stencil Girl Free Online Event: Q & A with Mary Beth Shaw

During the Stencil Girl event in January you asked some awesome questions. Questions like: When you collage with deli paper, is it transparent or translucent? What do you use to set pastels on paper? Does the sanding on magazine paper technique also work with photographs? That 15-20 minute question-and-answer session with Mary Beth Shaw didn’t come close to being enough time to answer all of them. So how about an all new web chat with Mary Beth just to answer your questions? Yes, please!

MB Portrait_150

During this hour long free online event, Mary Beth will be answering your questions from the earlier webinar from her studio. Rather than typing out the answers, Mary Beth will be able to show you the answers to the questions you asked. Plus, at the end of her video demonstrations, you’ll have the opportunity to ask new questions that arise.


The Details

When: Thursday, March 20, 2014

Time: 1PM Eastern (the GoToWebinar registration link has a feature to check the time for your time zone near the top of the page)

Cost: Free!

How to Register: Click Here

* Just a note…GoToWebinar caps the number of people on the live webinar call at 1000 callers. This is not something we can change. Registering for the webinar does not guarantee your spot on the live call. Please login to the webinar early to watch live. If you register for the webinar you will automatically be sent a link to the recording of the webinar when it becomes available.

You can watch or re-watch the Afternoon with Stencil Girl webinar here.


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Learn more about Mary Beth Shaw

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Mary Beth’s blog

Mary Beth’s teaching schedule

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