Super Opaque and Super Cool: Jacquard Textile Color

For some odd reason, I just can’t get enough of white products that show up vividly on black or dark colors. Recently I told you about my love for the white Soufflé pen, and this week I want to tell you about Jacquard’s Super Opaque Textile and Marbling Color. Of course I bought the white, and in terms of colors with the name “Super Opaque,” they only have white, but their site (and the nice woman I spoke to on the phone through customer service), they say the line of Neopaque colors work well on dark fabrics, too. I just didn’t happen to try those. I had a lot of fun with this white paint though. I used it full-strength for some of the paint spatter, but for brushing it on, it was a bit thick, so I diluted it with water. I liked how that gave me a pretty gray, and I used just a hint of the straight paint for some highlights on the letters that I brushed on.

Since I had so much fun with this shirt, I decided to use the Super Opaque on something else, so I got out another shirt and stamped circles on it with the paint. I also colored in some of the circles and then remembered I had some assorted colors of Lumiere sitting around, so I played with those, too. The Lumier paints (metallics) were semi-opaque, but where I put them over the white, the color popped nicely.

I had a lot of fun playing with these paints, and I’m definitely going to check out some of the assorted Neopaque colors soon. Summer is just around the corner, and for me, that means the fun opportunity to wear lots of altered Ts and halter-tops. No plain T-shirt is safe from my scissors, nor my embroidery needles. Do you like to alter your clothes? If so, check out Jacquard’s paints and wear your expressive side!

Note: Tonia tried these products of her own volition. Jacquard did not supply any product to her or She just thought they were worth telling you about.


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