Tee Juice Art Markers

Jacquard has these cool fabric art markers, called Tee Juice. Now, I really love Jacquard products—I’ve been really happy with everything I’ve ever purchased from them, but to be honest, I had seen these markers in the stores before, but never picked any up because the color selection that they had just wasn’t my cup of  . . .well, tea. (Sorry.) But they have recently released eight new colors (Goldenrod, Tangerine, Pink, Lilac, Sky Blue, Spring Green, Tan and Grey) and these new colors I love!

To try them out, I first took a bleach pen to my shirt and made a series of dots and scribbled lines. After rinsing and drying the shirt, I then went to town with the Tee Juice markers. The fine-point size really is “juicy” enough to easily draw on knit fabric and the bigger markers are super juicy. The effect of these colors on my terra cotta colored shirt is subtle, but I think these would look really great on white or lighter colors, too and I will definitely be playing around more with the markers—particularly the big-sized ones because I love the look of big swashes of color. I haven’t tried these on canvas yet, but I’m sure it won’t be long now . . .


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