The Week as Art = The Art of Numbers

I love numbers. I love to count, I love to measure (this includes keeping track of time and the date), I love basic math and the science of numbers and, like any typophile, I love the look of numbers.

That is why I love posting a new collection of art pieces each week for the feature on the CreateMixedMedia homepage known as The Week as Art.

Do you love numbers? I’m looking for people who are passionate about numbers and want to share their own creative ways for making numbers the subject matter for their art. If making a week’s worth of numbers the “star” in your art sounds fun to you, please e-mail me a single jpg of how you would make a number feel special in your own way. Ideas include photographing a number you see on the street, doodling a number with your favorite pens, stitching a number by hand or machine, collage, paint, wire . . .whatever medium you like, just keep the number as the most important part of the completed piece. Keep in mind that these images end up being rather small when viewed on the homepage, so make the number larger rather than smaller. Also, the format should be square and not rectangular. Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee everyone that submits samples will be selected, but if you’d like to give it a try, I’d love to see what you can do. When your art is featured on the site, it will be linked to your blog or website—whichever you like.

Would you like to give it a try? E-mail me at

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