Using Stencils With Pastels

There are so many fun ways to use stencils and I love exploring them. Yesterday afternoon I played around using stencils with pastels (I used a couple of Mary Beth Shaw’s stencils and this set of Sennelier soft pastels) and had such a fun time that I wanted to share the results with you. (And I want to tell you about a fun mail project!)

Love Notes

While perusing Facebook yesterday, I came across a link to participate in a postcard exchange project called Love Notes – The Post Card Project. Like Lisa Shobhana Mason, I’m a big fan of sending handwritten letters through the mail, so I eagerly signed up for the project (plus I just can’t resist something called Love Notes)!

Love Notes Postcard Exchange Project

Using Stencils with Pastels for Postcards

Heavy watercolor paper seemed like a good choice to create postcards from, so I began by cutting several pieces to play with to 4” x 6”—a nice postcard size.

Using this cool tiles stencil, I used my finger to swipe across the pastel and then rub the pastel over the stencil, working it into the paper in a firm, circular manner. I discovered that it’s best to always start in the center of the shapes because if you get loose pastel dust too close to the edges of the stencil, it collects and leaves “dust lines.”

Stencil with pastel step one

stencil with pastel step two

stencil with pastel step three

This nifty stencil has four sections to it that you use consecutively with different colors to create a mosaic effect.

stencil with pastel step four

I left one section un-stenciled so that I could fill in the spaces with letters to spell out my favorite motto: Love first, think second.

I experimented with different color combinations and also combining the pastel with graphite and with acrylic paint.

stencil with pastel and graphite

Pastel and Graphite

stencil with pastel, acrylic paint and pen

Pastel, Acrylic Paint and Micron Pen

I’m not sure who my postcard partner will be yet, but I’m anxious to get my first prompt from Jennifer, the project owner, and send off my first postcard! If swapping postcards sounds fun to you, I encourage you to check out Love Notes. Maybe we’ll get paired up!

(Oh, and if you want to see Mary Beth do some cool things with stencils, check out her book, Flavor for Mixed Media!)


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