Watch It Now: Mixed Media Mash-Up 12/12/12

Did you miss our end-of-year panel discussion webinar? Or perhaps you’d like to listen again. In any event, here is your chance to watch now and be a part of Mixed Media Mash-Up: 12!

Finding Place
by Tonia Jenny


Jenn Mason (editor for Cloth Paper Scissors), Tonia Jenny (acquisitions editor and senior content developer) and Ricë Freeman-Zachery (artist/editor/writer/blogger extraordinaire) spent some quality time with us recently and did we ever have a great time! The conversation flowed easily as we covered topics from what excited us in 2012 to what we are looking forward to in 2013 to the hottest trends to what we are grateful for in our creative lives. And all the questions? They came from YOU, you smart cookie.

by Jenn Mason

If you missed all the fun, would like to watch again, or want to share with your friends, you can do that:

We love if you would leave us a comment — what was you’re favorite part of this webinar? What subjects would you like us to tackle next year? Anything you’d like us to do differently? You are a part of this program, so make your voices heard!

Cuppa Joe
by Ricë Freeman-Zachery


The holidays are coming! We recommended some great items today — all on sales. We talked about books and DVDs, and magazines and kits and supplies — hopefully you’ll agree we’ve got something for everyone. Maybe even pick up something for yourself — maybe to aid you in in your artistic resolution!

All offers valid for a limited time.

North Light 12 Days of Deals

North Light Mixed Media

Plexi Class
by Tonia Davenport

Creative Time and Space
by Ricë Freeman-Zachery

Destination Creativity
by Ricë Freeman-Zachery

Living the Creative Life
by Ricë Freeman-Zachery

Zentangle Untangled
Gift Pack

Dreaming from the Journal Page
Gift Pack



Cloth Paper Scissors 12 Days of Deals

Cloth Paper Scissors Mixed Media

Cloth Paper Scissors
Magazine Subscription

Mixed Media Medley
by Jenn Mason

Mixed Media Collage
by Jenn Mason

All About Faces
with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer



Mary Beth Shaw worked in the insurance industry for 18 years before she quit her job in 2000 to re-ignite a childhood love of art.  She is now a full time painter and internationally known workshop instructor. Her creative process is largely self taught, spontaneous and joyful. She is author of Flavor for Mixed Media and is also a columnist for Somerset Studios Magazine. In 2010, Mary Beth recognized a need for ‘artist designed’ stencils and created StencilGirl Products, which has quickly grown into a respected supplier of high quality stencils for all media. Living with her husband and three cats, Mary Beth is passionate about every moment of life. She is currently writing her second book for North Light Books.

You can visit Mary Beth at

Sandra Duran Wilson is influenced by scientific concepts, the dream state and the nature of materials. She loves to experiment and push the limits of paints, mediums and surfaces. She enjoys the tactile aspect of paint and what it can do, and she has always been an inventor of new ways to use existing tools and materials. She loves to paint ideas; to make them visible, beautiful and abstract so that others may enter them and create their own reality. She lives and creates in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with Mark, her husband and collaborator, and a bevy of feline friends. Sandra is the co-author of Mixed Media RevolutionSurface Treatment Workshop andImage Transfer Workshop and is working on her fourth book with North Light Books.

You can visit Sandra at

Darlene Olivia McElroy comes from an old New Mexico family of storytellers and artists. She began making art the first time she found a wall and a drawing instrument. Her grandfather, a painter on Catalina Island, was her mentor and taught her to play and experiment with art. Darlene attended the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, and has worked as an illustrator both in the United States and in Paris. She went from creating illustration traditionally to becoming one of the first nationally recognized digital illustrators in the late 1980s. Darlene lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she paints, teaches, writes and enjoys a delightfully chaotic life with her husband, Dave, and their four dogs, Bernie, Bella, Taco and Zola. Darlene is the co-author of Mixed Media RevolutionSurface Treatment Workshopand Image Transfer Workshop and is working on her fourth book with North Light Books.

You can visit Darlene at

Marisa Anne is an artist and textile designer living in Los Angeles, California, with Sean and Garbo. What started out as a desire to be a bit more creative one day a week while working a nine-to-five job, Creative Thursday grew into a full-time business (and a dream come true) featuring Marisa’s art, fabrics and her soon-to-be-released first book. She believes there will be more happiness in the world when everyone is creative and finds fulfillment in doing work and living a life they love. Marisa is the author of Creative Thursday and hopes that this book will be one small contribution to that greater vision, inspiring and encouraging everyone who reads it.

You can visit Marisa at

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