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In the Encaustic Studio: Advanced Mixed Media Techniques with Michelle Belto

In the Encaustic Studio: Advanced Mixed Media Techniques with Michelle Belto

Did you know there is a second DVD from Michelle Belto on the subject of encaustic? In the Encaustic Studio: Basic Mixed Media Techniques is also currently available for sale, download and streaming. In it, Michelle reviews the general tools and materials used in encaustic and also discusses safety precautions. Viewers then move into an exploration of techniques used to create smooth, translucent and dreamy glazed surfaces as well as rich, thick, opaque and highly textured surfaces. Michelle then tackles what it means to create an underpainting for your encaustic work and she demonstrated using a variety of media including stamps, stencils, alcohol inks and pen and ink. Finally, an exploration of building up and scraping down—working with and through multiple layers of wax truly impresses upon the viewer the versatility of painting with wax. Here is a sneak peek:



And would you like to know a little more about the artist? In this video interview,artist and author Michele Belto (author of Wax and Paper Workshop) discusses how she found encaustic, how and where she finds inspiration, her favorite techniques, the future of the medium and more!





Gina Adams

Gina’s work focuses primarily on her mixed heritage of Ojibwe and Lakota, Native American, Lithuanian, and Irish blood lines. Her work involves much research and travel, and she sets her work in landscapes that are both ancient and modern.

To learn more, visit:


Untitled | Gina Adams | Collage and Mark Making

Lorraine Glessner

Lorraine is known for the amount of work she does in her underpainting and for the the translucent layers of wax and marks she creates.

To learn more, visit:


Good Angel, Bad Angel | Lorraine Glessner | Mark Making

Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch

Trish is known for bringing the art of encaustic to the dynamic world of mixed media.

To learn more, visit:

And So It Began

And So It Began | Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch | Adding Imagery and Mark Making

patterned beforehand for michelle dvd

Patterned Beforehand | Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch | Adding Imagery and Mark Making

Renee Magnanti

Renee is known for her many poured layers and her deeping incised work.

To learn more, visit:


Auspicious| Renee Magnanti | Adding Texture

Karen Freedman

Karen is known for creating works composed of multiple shapes and layers painted with opaque and translucent encaustic paint.

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No More Cross Words

No More Cross Words | Karen Freedman | Edging and Incising


After the Storm | Karen Freedman | Edging and Incising

Michelle Belto

Michelle Belto is the author of Wax and Paper Workshop: Techniques for Combining Encaustic Paint and Handmade Paper.

To learn more, visit:

Buttons and Bows

Buttons and Bows | Michelle Belto | Collage


Hidden | Michelle Belto | Finishing Touches (Shellac Burn)


Timeworn | Michelle Belto | Adding Texture and Toning


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