Explore Mixed Media Collage Bonus Page

Welcome! Thank you for visiting the bonus companion page for Explore Mixed Media Collage by Kristen Robinson and Ruth Rae!


There were so many beautiful pieces of art created by Kristen and Ruth for this book, and sadly we could not fit them all in 128 pages. Please enjoy the following gallery. (Click each to enlarge.)



Learn more about Kristen: Artist Profile: Kristen Robinson

Learn more about Kristen’s first book, Tales of Adornment:


Click here for a downloadable PDF project from Tales of Adornment.

Learn more about Kristen’s instructional jewelry-making DVD:

Romantic Bezels: Mixed Media Jewelry from Found Objects

Learn more about Ruth: Artist Profile: Ruth Rae

Learn more about Ruth’s first book, Layered, Tattered and Stitched:


Click here for a downloadable PDF project from Layered, Tattered and Stitched.

Learn more about Ruth’s instruction collage DVD:

Fabric Collage: Exploring Layers and Textures

Learn more about Kristen and Ruth’s first book together, Making Etched Metal Jewelry:


You can find Kristen on social media in the following places:

Kristen’s blog: kristenrobinson.typepad.com

Kristen on Facebook: kristenarobinson

Kristen on Instagram: kristenarobinson

Kristen on Pinterest: kristenrobinson

Kristen on Etsy: kristenrobinson


You can find Ruth on social media in the following places:

Ruth’s blog: RuthRae.blogspot.com

Ruth on Facebook: ruthrae

Ruth on Instagram: ruthraestudio

Ruth on Pinterest: ruthrae

Ruth on Etsy: ruthrae


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