Book Notes: The Declaration of You!

Have you picked up your copy of The Declaration of You! yet? If not, take a peek at this book notes video where Ricë shows you The Declaration of You! by Jessica Swift and Michelle Ward.

This book features chapters on topics like enthusiasm, uniquity, intention, self care, success, money, trust and celebration. Each chapter explains how you already have or can achieve goals in each of those areas, plus you’ll read interview with other creatives who’ve been successful in that area. These chapters also include worksheets to help you figure out what your goals should be and how you can achieve them.

Try this step-by-step demo to create self-care squares from the Self-Care chapter of The Declaration of You!

Declaration of You_160To find out more about The Declaration of You! watch this video by the authors or visit to order your copy today.


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3 Responses to Book Notes: The Declaration of You!

  1. jgirlnine says:

    What a great way to break down larger areas in creativity! Looks like a great read!

  2. jgirlnine says:

    Looks like a great book which helps guide artist to hone inon what inspires them!

  3. jgirlnine says:

    Thanks for your review of this book! It looks like a great read!