Book Notes: Wabi-Sabi Art Workshop

Free yourself!

Are you inspired by the little things, the bits that others might overlook? A crack in the sidewalk? The trunk of a fallen tree? Shards of broken pottery? Do you want your artwork to speak to the abstract nature of color, texture and mood?

With Wabi-Sabi Art Workshop, you’ll learn to use your appreciation for the simple things in life–the ordinary, the aged, the humble-as your inspiration for making expressive, intuitive art. You will come to embrace the imperfection and recognize that, yes, in fact, there is such a thing as a happy accident!

The wabi-sabi philosophy of art is probably a little differently from what you’re used to- it’s not a style that finds inspiration and beauty in the imperfect, impermanent and humble nature of everyday objects. And there is a special freedom in wabi-sabi’s abstract aesthetic–a forgiving approach that celebrates so-called mistakes and fosters an experimental spirit, encouraging you to build up and tear back with abandon.

Now you can take a peek inside Serena Barton’s Wabi-Sabi Art Workshop with Ricë!

W8061_wabisabi-cov.inddFind out more about Wabi-Sabi Art Workshop by Serena Barton at the North Light Shop and at the Wabi-Sabi Art Workshop companion page.

Try a technique from Wabi-Sabi Art Workshop here.

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