Book Notes: Wax and Paper Workshop

Wax+Paper= Artistic Bliss! Unconventional? Sure. The next wave in encaustic painting? Absolutely! Encaustic artists have been branching out–trying new techniques and mediums, mixing it up with unique textures and using traditional art supplies in wholly unexpected ways. So why shouldn't the surfaces be evolving as well? Well, now they are! In Wax and Paper Workshop: Techniques for Combining Encaustic Paint and Handmade Paper, not only will you learn some crazy cool techniques (like working with rust and tar and learning how to emboss and embed), you'll also explore the benefits of working on paper surfaces– both commercially made and your own handmade papers! Take a peek as Ricë gives you an inside look into Wax and Paper Workshop by Michelle Belto. Want to know more about encaustic painting and Michelle Belto? Ricë recently had a change to talk to Michelle and they recorded this podcast. Take a listen! Wax and Paper WorkshopFor more information or to purchase a copy of Wax and Paper Workshop, click here.         MORE RESOURCES FOR MIXED MEDIA ARTISTSImprove your mixed media art with books, DVDs, downloads & from the North Light ShopSign up for your FREE Create Mixed Media email newsletter for great tips, projects & moreGet unlimited access to mixed media art instruction ebooksDownload free mixed media desktop wallpapers //

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