Creative Thursday Book Trailer

Creative ThursdayIn case you can’t tell, we here at Create Mixed Media and North Light books are VERY excited about the upcoming release (November 29th, 2012 to be exact) of textile designer, painter and mixed-media artist, Marisa Anne’s first book, Creative Thursday.

Marisa’s own journey to make time for creativity led her to her creative business and inspired her to work to inspire others (YOU) to find time to explore their creativity. Her inspirational words and warm-hearted drawings will inspire you to make time to be creative (that’s why we thought she’d be perfect for our first ever roundtable webinar, Mixed Media Mash-Up: Creative Exchange!).

Inside Creative Thursday you’ll find:

* Tips & exercises for developing your creative voice

* How to strengthen your intention setting skills

* Support for helping you through your biggest obstacles

And it’s perfect if you want to bring new creativity into your own artwork.

You can pre-order her book now and visit her website, But if that’s not enough, watch her book trailer below to find out why Marisa Anne wrote this book FOR YOU.

creative thursday book trailer from Marisa Anne on Vimeo.



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