Katie Kendrick Collage Background How To

In this tutorial, mixed media artist Katie Kendrick shows you her method for making collage backgrounds that can be used as art journal pages and backgrounds for paintings. These techniques will show you how to take any magazine page and transform it into a work of art that can stand alone, or be used for other collage art projects. Katie even gives tips for fixing your collage backgrounds if they rip or if they aren’t turning out the way you’d like.

Visit Katie at her blog.

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4 Responses to Katie Kendrick Collage Background How To

  1. tejae says:

    Really cool technique katie! Thanks for sharing…inspires me to want to play!!

  2. rasz says:

    love it! i have been having trouble with my papers staying down and not bubbling so i really appreciate the part about putting a protective paper on top and then rubbing. great tutorial.

  3. bondgirl7 says:

    Katie, thanks for sharing. Love the technique!

  4. rasz says:

    Thank you for sharing. This video really got me inspired and I loved learning some new techniques too!!!! You are a great teacher.