Accordion Book Arts Demonstration

The following book arts tutorial was previously published in Mixed Media Techniques for Art Journaling, a compilation book edited by Kristy Conlin (copyright, F+W Media, 2013). This project was originally published in Artist Trading Card Workshop by Bernie Berlin. Republished here courtesy of











The secret to this colorful, folded booklet is to stamp with bleach on black cardstock. A variety of texture and form comes from using several stamps, and spray webbing is the icing on the cake! Just have fun with this project; don’t think too hard about it. This booklet will hold twelve cards (six on each side), but you could make it longer with additional cardstock.


  • black cardstock
  • paper towels
  • disposable Styrofoam plate
  • bleach
  • stamps
  • sponges
  • dye ink pads
  • Lumiere paints
  • stencil
  • spray webbing, two colors
  • 1/2″ (12mm) ribbon, about 2′ (61cm)
  • double-stick tape
  • plastic trading card sleeves
  • dyed tissue paper
  • gel medium

Step 11.  Fold up a paper towel and set it in a Styrofoam plate. Pour several tablespoons of bleach over the paper towel. Use the damp towel as a pad for the stamps, and stamp bleach over the surface of the card.

Step 22. Working with a separate sponge for each dye ink pad, color in the bleached areas with random bits of color.

Step 33. Continue adding color to the entire card. Then, use a stencil and a sponge to pounce on the Lumiere paint.

Step 44.  Finally, add a bit of spray webbing.

Step 55. Stamp along the entire length of the ribbon to tone down the brightness a bit.

Step 66. Secure the ribbon to the first panel with double-stick tape.

Step 77. Adhere one plastic card protector to the first panel of the book, over the ribbon, with double-stick tape. Tear or cut the tissue paper into small strips (about ½” [12mm] wide) and adhere them over the edges of the bottom and sides of the plastic sleeve with gel medium. Repeat on each panel.

U2865 MixedMediaArt_cover.inddThis project was previously published in Mixed Media Techniques for Art Journaling edited by Kristy Conlin (copyright, F+W Media, 2013).

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Z2489_BookplusArt_CM.inddFor more about book arts, check out Book +Art by Dorothy Simpson Krause.






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