Self Discovery Series: Bounty of Secrets


Sometimes who we are and what we’re thinking gets pushed down by the everyday necessities of life but that doesn’t mean our thoughts, feelings and dreams are any less important. Use this opportunity to explore your deepest secrets, your happiest moments and your greatest achievements by creating a visual journal of how you're feeling using the step-by-step, Bounty of Secrets, for inspiration from Explore Mixed Media Collage.

Introduction, Materials List & Steps 1-2 (Click on the images to enlarge them.) secrets

Steps 3-14 secrets

Steps 15-22 secrets

For more inspirational mixed media art, check out Explore Mixed Media Collage! It's filled with 20+ deconstructed projects, 32 timeless and classic techniques, and 3 powerful sections that build off of one another to help you on your mixed media art journey! secrets

Explore more mixed media with our Self Discovery series. With 8 projects meant to inspire and help you on your creative journey throughout the month of October - you can't go wrong! So what are you waiting for? Check out more by clicking HERE.

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