Craft Month 2013: Create a Book Project from Solder Technique Studio

W1810_SolderTechniqueStudio_cover.inddSolder Technique Studio: Soldering Iron Fundamentals for the Mixed Media Artist by Josie Cirincione

You’ll Love This Soldering Book If:

  • You want to know what you need in your basic soldering kit
  • You want to make your collages & other mixed media projects 3D
  • You want to start soldering but don’t know where to start

Learn how to solder when you follow along with expert artist, Giuseppina Josie” Cirincione. In Solder Technique Studio you’ll learn soldering basics, tips, soldering techniques and complete soldering projects. Having the right soldering basics can make a big difference in your soldering. Josie discusses what to include in your basic soldering kit such as a quality soldering iron, tinning your iron, copper foil tape, flux, pliers, clamps and soldering surfaces.

The step-by-step projects featured in this soldering book include the toggle-clasp pendant, tea bag plaque, window panes, pencil house, message in a bottle and the spelling bee. All this and more makes this soldering book a must-have resource for experts and beginners alike. Once you master these soldering tutorials you’ll be ready to create 3D art of your very own!

In this project from Solder Technique Studio, you’ll create your own journal or book. Although the one Josie created for this project is a mini, you can make yours any size. And there might just be a bonus project in there for you as well. Get your download now:

More about Solder Technique Studio

In Solder Technique Studio You’ll Learn:

  • How to create gifts, jewelry, wall art & home décor with soldering
  • Tips & techniques for making soldering fun & safe
  • How to cut straight lines and circles, birds and hearts with a soldering iron

Check out These Basic Tips From The Pages of Soldering Technique Studio:

  • When soldering and cutting glass always put safety first
  • Always place your iron in a stand. Never set it down. Keep in mind that the stand gets hot, so always handle it by the base.
  • Only hold the iron by the handle, never grab it by the heating element.
  • Make sure your work table is well organized. Keep your table free of excess materials that you are not using.
  • Don’t solder under a ceiling fan or air vent. Use a floor fan or open a window for ventilation.

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