Craft Month 2013: Wabi-Sabi Art Workshop Preview

W8061_wabisabi-cov.inddWabi-Sabi Art Workshop: Mixed Media Techniques for Embracing Imperfection and Celebrating Happy Accidents by Serena Barton

Embrace imperfection. Build up. Tear Back. Find inspiration in the weathered.
• First and only book to provide step-by-step technique instruction for this style
• Packed with demonstrates 40 step-by-step technique demonstrations for beginners and more experienced artists
• Includes techniques for popular media: acrylic paint, alcohol inks, encaustic paint, collage elements and more.

An approach to mixed-media painting that celebrates the Wabi-Sabi philosophy–embracing imperfections, building up and tearing back and finding inspiration in what is aged and seasoned. Readers will learn what Wabi-Sabi means and how to use the approach to find inspiration and beauty in the humble nature of everyday objects. The author demonstrates how everyday photographs express the Wabi-Sabi style and shows how they serve as inspiration for color, shape, texture, composition and mood. After learning where to look for inspiration and what materials to use, the reader will be guided step-by-step through eight technique chapters each with a new focus on painting technique and composition.

Get your exclusive preview from the inside of Wabi-Sabi Workshop: 

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