Create an Ovals Purse from Duct Tape

(This tutorial was previously published in the book Duct Tape Discovery Workshop by Tonia Jenny, copyright 2014; republished here courtesy of and North Light Books.)

When you see how easy this purse comes together, you’re going to want to make one to match each of your favorite outfits. Decorate the bag with whatever shapes suit your style.

ovals final 500

Materials List

cutting mat
craft knife
duct tape: beige, pastel blue, chocolate
Ziploc press and seal bag, quart or gallon size
¼” (6mm) hole punch
¼” (6mm) eyelets, 2
eyelet setter
swivel hooks, 2
parchment paper
oval template or die-cut machine
flexible plastic
metal swivel hook clasps, 2

ovals step 1

1 Create a 6″ × 171⁄2″ (15cm × 44cm) double-sided fabric. This one is beige on one side and blue on the other.

ovals step 2

2 Cut the zipper part off the Ziploc bag and trim to the width of your fabric. Separate the zipper into two separate pieces, and position one half of it along one 6″ (15cm) end. Cut a half-width of beige tape 6″ (15cm) long and use it to secure the zipper piece to the beige side of the fabric.

Repeat on the other half of the zipper at the opposite end of the beige side of the fabric.

ovals step 3

3 Cut a 6″ (15cm) length of pastel blue duct tape and use it to secure the top portion of each zipper. The excess duct tape will fold over the top portion of the bag to the outside.

ovals step 4

4 Match up the zipper halves and seal them together.

ovals step 5

5 Cut two lengths of pastel blue tape the same length as the folded bag. Wrap a piece of tape around each side of the bag to seal it.

ovals step 6

6 Using an oval template, cut two ovals out of flexible plastic (e.g., shrink plastic or recycled packaging). Cut the ovals in half.

ovals step 7

7 Cut four half-width strips of duct tape the length of the bag plus half the oval shape. Place the half of the oval at the top of the strip flush to one edge. Trace it and cut off the excess tape.

ovals step 8

8 Adhere the strips to the outer edges of the front and back of the bag with the oval tips hanging off the top. Attach each plastic half oval to the matching part of the tape.

ovals step 9

9 Cover the half oval with a piece of matching tape. (Place a piece of tape on parchment, draw the shape onto the parchment using the oval template and cut out the tape oval.)

ovals step 10

10 Place a smaller decorative oval on the outside of each tab. Punch a hole through each oval tab.

ovals step 11

11 Set an eyelet in each hole with the fronts of the eyelets on the outside of the bag.

ovals step 12

12 Using the Ovals Purse Tapered Strap Template, layer strips of duct tape to the length of the strap you want. Feel free to use one color on one side and another color on the other. Trim each end to a slight taper.

Cut thin strips of tape in a matching color to wrap around the edges of the strap. Doing so ensures the two layers of tape don’t separate and creates a fashionable strip of color on one side.

ovals step 13

13 Thread a clasp onto the bottom of the strap and fold it up. Set an eyelet to secure the clasp in a loop.

ovals step 14

14 Wrap a strip of tape around the edge of the folded piece to mask it. Repeat steps 13 and 14 at the other end of the strap.

ovals step 15

15 Cut a variety of ovals in different sizes and complementary colors. A die-cut system makes this super easy. Adhere them as you desire on the front of the bag.

ovals detail 500

Zipper Detail

(This tutorial was previously published in the book Duct Tape Discovery Workshop by Tonia Jenny, copyright 2014; republished here courtesy of and North Light Books.)

U8563_DuctTape_CM.inddTo learn more about or purchase a copy of Duct Tape Discovery Workshop by Tonia Jenny, click here.


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