Create Burnished Metal: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Using ordinary every day household items in new and completely unexpected ways? Vicki Boutin is a master at that, and in this tutorial she’ll show you how to use aluminum foil to create a look that’s thoroughly unique.

From the “Supplements” chapter in Vicki Boutin’s book Creative Foundations, this technique uses aluminum foil, leftover chipboard pieces and paint to create a mini album cover that is textural, industrial and the ultimate in cool!

(This tutorial was previously published in the book Creative Foundations by Vicki Boutin, copyright 2011; republished here courtesy of

Burnished Metal

Metal finishes always seem to produce a certain wow factor. When using aluminum foil on a project, you get not only the look of metal, but also a hip, textural effect. This technique could easily be done with the foil alone, but the addition of chipboard letters and shapes under the foil creates extra dimension. The layers of light and dark paint also play up the creases and texture in the foil.

What You’ll Need

Craft glue
Chipboard shapes
Foam brushes
Artist-quality acrylic gel
medium (matte)Aluminum foil
Acrylic paints
Baby wipes or paper towels
Metallic or pearl paint

Step 1

Glue the chipboard pieces onto the cardstock base.





Step 2

Add a thin layer of gel over the chipboard pieces and lay the foil over the gel medium. Fold the edges under and secure them with medium.




Step 3

Lightly rub the foil into place around the chipboard pieces using your finger. Be careful not to tear the foil.





Step 4

Paint over the foil with a variety of different colors of acrylic paint. Allow the piece to dry completely.





Step 5

Apply black acrylic paint to the entire piece and allow it to dry slightly. Buff the paint off the raised areas with a paper towel or nearly dry baby wipe, while leaving the paint in the crevices. Allow the black paint to dry completely.




Step 6

Using a paper towel or soft cloth, randomly rub metallic or pearl paint onto the raised areas.


Details, Details

After buffing off the black paint, some of the base colors may rub off. Reapply paint if necessary.


From Creative Foundations by Vicki Boutin, 2011; courtesy of

To learn more about or purchase Creative Foundations by Vicki Boutin, click here.


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