Creating Backgrounds from Mixed Media Techniques for Art Journaling

U2865 MixedMediaArt_cover.inddCreating backgrounds can be one of the funnest parts of art journaling and in Mixed Media Techniques for Art Journaling, you can learn some awesome background-making techniques. Below are some of the Groovy Backgrounds from Journal Bliss by Violette that are featured in Mixed Media Techniques for Art Journaling. But that’s not quite enough, is it? Scroll down a bit further to find some “Fear No Color” background techniques from Acrylic Techniques in Mixed Media by Roxanne Padgett!

Groovy Backgrounds from Mixed Media Techniques for Art Journaling

(Originally published in Journal Bliss by Violette.)

Decorative backgrounds

Paper towel background

Writing backgrounds

Paint Combing Technique

(Originally published in Acrylic Techniques in Mixed Media by Roxanne Padgett, 2013)

Combing sample 2With this technique you can create several sheets of beautiful and unique paper in a very short period of time. It’s fun to scribble on a piece of paper with a variety of colors and then lay down a rich layer of paint on top. The colors are revealed as you scrape away the paint with a comb. Adding glazing liquid will slow down the drying time of the acrylic paint so you can paint over the crayons and still have time to scrape away the paint while it is still wet. Use a variety of comb sizes to create different effects and textures. The combing technique is inspired from a paste-paper technique that many bookmakers use for cover and end papers for their handmade books. Paste-paper is the process of painting a colored paste on the surface of a piece of paper, and then making patterns in the wet paste with combs or other tools. What I discovered was that this paste-paper technique works well with acrylic paint and just about any substrate, paper, magazine pages, photos and textiles as long as the surface is relatively flat.

Materials List:

Heavy drawing paper
Acrylic paint
Acrylic glazing liquid
Large white paper plate

Combing 11. With several colors of crayons, scribble all over a piece of drawing paper. Place a puddle of paint on your palette. To slow down the drying time of the paint, add a small amount of acrylic glazing liquid to the paint.


Combing 22. With a large paintbrush, quickly paint over the surface of the crayon scribbles.


combing 33. Quickly scrape across the surface of the paper with a painting comb, removing the paint to reveal the crayon design.

Comb Ideas


You can use found combs, including plastic forks, hair picks and hair combs, to create combed paper. Or create your own combs with a small piece of cardboard. Cut small slits in one end and then trim away every other section, as shown below, second from right.

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