Creative Kickstarts: Amanda Judd’s Photography Art Journals

*A guest post by Amanda Judd.

Many of us doubt we are creative let alone artistic. Often there is a strong inner critic that accompanies us through our days. So, it’s not surprising that they show up in our art journaling process. My inner critic loves negative thinking and sabotaging my good intentions. They also aren’t too keen on celebrating my creativity and artistic expression. Often times, this happens without my even recognizing it. I wanted to change this. I take a lot of pictures with my phone. Too many, says my critic, you never use them. Hmm, I thought, let’s see. And so I decided to mine my pictures for bits to use for my art journal page. How satisfying this turned out to be and affirming. By deciding to use my own imagery that day I was picking myself. This small gesture carried a big impact and worked well to still my inner critic. Today, I intentionally take photographs to use in my art journal pages as well as take photographs of my art journal pages. One informs the other and both allow me to explore my creativity and cultivate my artistic expression. It’s bold to pick yourself. Go ahead, give it a try.

Materials list:
Digital Camera. Nowadays, I use my phone.
Printer (ink + paper). If you don’t have access to a printer, you can print out images at a copy shop.
Software/App. So you can alter image to black and white and change image size.
Journal and/or heavier stock paper. I was working in a 11×14 spiral bound, mixed media journal with 98lb paper.
Adhesive (gel medium +/or glue).

Photography Art Journal Step-by-Step:

photography art
Step One: Take lots of pictures. Of things you love. Of things you’re thinking about, noticing. Don’t think too much about it, just snap away. Choose a picture that stirs you. This image of my daughter crossing a bridge in Chattanooga called out to me.

photography art
Step Two: Print it out. I printed out mine in black and white but didn’t want the whole image, just my daughter walking.

photography art
Step Three: So I cut that part out and played around with placement until it felt right.

photography art
Step Four: Then I glued it down.

photography art

Amanda’s advice to readers is to show up, make art, and notice what happens. If you’d like to know more about Amanda and her artistic process, then check out her pages in Art Journal Kickstarter – as seen here!

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More About Amanda Judd:
I work over at Pink Love Studio. It took me a super long time to claim my artist title but I have. And now, I mix media with LOVE. For me, making art combines meditation, play and journey. It’s a process that teaches me about trust and acceptance;; an iterative feedback loop which fascinates me. It leads me on a journey into awareness + creation. I work from here, eagerly.

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