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I carry the words “I Am Grateful For” and a collection of leaves in my studio. This time of year inspires me to create and I find what I love the most is around me – the fall season, warm beverages, cozy scarves and gatherings. For this month I wanted to explore my gratitude list in a daily art journaling project. Together we will take a daily art journaling journey exploring our gratitude lists and celebrating the fall holiday season!

Daily Gratitude Journal


Here is what you will need to begin to create your own Daily Gratitude Journal:


Daily gratitude journal supplies

– a index card booklet or blank index cards

– kraft brown cardstock or any color of paper

– old book/s + a dictionary

– misc. rubber stamps ( birds, music notes, flowers, etc)

– alphabet rubber stamps – size of your choice

– date stamp

– black ink pen or colored pens

– masking tape

– oil pastels or crayons, colored pencils

– glue stick

– paperclips

– ink pad

– scissors

– hole punch

– 1 silver binder ring (1-inch size) or string if make your own index card journal

Creating your index card journal – inside pages

Begin with your index booklet or your stack of index cards, a glue stick, scissors, hole punch and brown kraft paper.



If you have found a index card booklet like above, you will take apart the book and count out 30 index cards, one for each day of November.


Count out 30 cards

Use your hole punch to make a hole in each card if making booklet. Punch one card and use that as your template. See image above on where to punch the hole. Just eye ball the location, keep in mind to not have to close to the edge that the paper could rip.

Creating front + back cover

If you using a index card booklet you can apply glue directly to the front and back cover (both sides of each cover) and then glue your brown kraft paper on or a paper of your choice. You will be covering both sides of the plastic cover with kraft paper.


Use an index card as a template, trace and cut out of brown kraft paper a front and back card. You will not need to glue anything yet.


Then cut the excess paper off. You will want to use a hold punch to punch out where the pre-cut hole is before you adhere the other paper on to see where the placement of the hole is. After gluing the next side use your hole punch to punch another hole through.

Then put your booklet together using a silver binder ring.

7Designing Your Cover

You will need a dictionary, glue stick, alphabet rubber stamps and a ink pad (also scissors if you prefer clean cut lines versus torn edges).


Use your dictionary and find the word “Gratitude.” Tear this word out or use your scissors to cut out the word and definition.


Glue the word onto cover in lower corner and add paper clip if you would like.


Using your alphabet rubber stamps, stamp out the word “Gratitude” in the middle.


You can then use your oil pastels, crayons or colored pencils and add color. You can also draw, write or collage on the cover if you would like.

I added a strip of masking tape to the cover. I will tear thinner pieces off to use to add another decorative element.


Creating Your Pages – {This is done daily – 1 page a day.}


Start with your first page and your date stamp set for Nov 01 2014

You can date each page all at one time or you can do it daily as you go.


Then using your rubber stamps or pens, write or stamp the words: I AM GRATEFUL FOR


Take an old book and page through to see what words call to you that you can add after the main phrase. You can also use a dictionary, use a word sticker or write/stamp a word. Each day you can explore where or how you want to document your words.


I found the word “today” and cut it out. I then used oil pastel to highlight the word. You can also box in the word with pen.


After you have your affirmation statement you can then add rubber stamps, draw, collage, etc. on the page.


Below are more samples of pages I created, 1 page will be created per day allowing you to explore and create different page designs.


Daily Gratitude Journal

Daily Gratitude Journal page


I am grateful for you. For all your support and inspiration. For createmixedmedia.com – a beautiful place to create what I most need to find.

I would love to connect with you, find me at artistnicholerae.com and connect with me via facebook or instagram.


artist nichole rae bio pic tag_160Nichole Rae is a mixed-media artist who has a passion for documenting her life through art journaling, books arts, photography, honest writing and typography design. She resides in Minnesota and is the author of the book Art Journal Art Journey: Collage and Storytelling for Honoring Your Creative Process.

Visit her website artistnicholerae.com.




Art Journal Art Journey_160Find out more or order a copy of Nichole Rae’s book, Art Journal Art Journey here.

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