Doodling Tutorial: Graffiti Bouquet

Who says a bouquet can’t be fodder for a little graffiti fun? Traci Bautista is back, bringing you yet another great collage tutorial —a technique that you can try in your art journal the next time you are stumped for ideas. This same technique could be used on fabric, where doodling is just as much fun as it is on paper. (And if you’ve wanted to start an art journal, but haven’t yet, we can help you decide what type of journal is best for you.) (This tutorial was previously published in Doodles Unleashed by Traci Bautista, copyright 2012; republished here courtesy of Inspired by the juxtaposition of colorful urban graffiti walls and blossoming gardens, my graffiti bouquet paintings are visual journal collages with extreme color and texture in rich, vibrant layers. They combine “fusion dyed” collage, monoprints, freestyle lettering and doodling. The paintings are layered with black-and-white images, expressive marks and personal graffiti.     CREATIVE TOOLBOX 1" (2.5CM) FOAM BRUSH 140 LB. MIXED-MEDIA PAPER 500 SERIES (STRATHMORE) ACRYLIC PAINT (MATISSE DERIVAN) BLACK-AND-WHITE PHOTOCOPIES OF ORIGINAL ARTWORK BLACK CHISEL-TIP PERMANENT MARKER COLLAGE PAUGE DIMENSIONAL FABRIC PAINT (TULIP SLICK) GESSO MARKERS (COPIC) ROUND AND FLAT PAINTBRUSHES SOLIDIFIED PAINT MARKER (SAKURA) SCISSORS SKEWER OR OTHER MARK-MAKING TOOL WHITE CORRECTION FLUID PEN STEP 1 Spread gesso onto the page with a foam brush. Swirl the brush in a circular motion to add texture. Scratch words, floral shapes and other marks into the gesso with a skewer. Let it dry. Doodle and write words with a black chisel-tip permanent marker. Cut flower shapes from photocopies of your artwork and collage them onto the surface using Collage Pauge. Seal the collage with another layer of Collage Pauge.       STEP 2 Paint over flower shapes and stems with acrylic paints. Fill in the background with acrylic paint, mixing different shades on the page.           STEP 3 Paint the stems and leaves in darker acrylic paints using a flat brush. Cut flower shapes and stems from handpainted paper and collage them on top of the painting.           STEP 4 Let the piece dry. Outline the collage shapes with markers.               STEP 5 Doodle around the flowers and collage shapes with a white correction fluid pen and a solidified paint marker.               STEP 6 Doodle with dimensional fabric paint and outline the flowers and words.                 From Doodles Unleashed by Traci Bautista, 2012; courtesy of To learn more about or purchase Doodles Unleashed by Traci Bautista, click here. For more by Traci Bautista: Collage Unleashed Watch It! Craft Metal Doodles For more Doodles Unleashed bonus materials, check out these links: MORE RESOURCES FOR MIXED MEDIA ARTISTSImprove your mixed media art with books, DVDs, downloads & from the North Light ShopSign up for your FREE Create Mixed Media email newsletter for great tips, projects & moreGet unlimited access to mixed media art instruction ebooksDownload free mixed media desktop wallpapers

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