Handwritten Morning Affirmations: A Daily Journal

A guest post by Artist Nichole Rae

I am learning how to honor my journey and allow the process to unfold through daily creating. Each morning as I have my morning coffee, I sit with my blank journal and a pen. I put some music on and begin to write the words that come to me, creating a positive affirmation to carry throughout the day. I have always loved pens, journals and words. Over the years I have always been told I have nice handwriting though I struggled using my lettering in my art. At the age of 28 I decided that it was time to overcome this fear and begin to practice.

Every affirmation I write I am taking brave steps to connect with my own handwriting and creative style.

For this month’s project I choose to create daily affirmations using words that I am inspired by.

Here is what you will need to begin to create your own handwritten morning affirmation journal:


First start with the Inspirational Word List below. This is page 122 from my new book, Art Journal Art Journey.



Allow this list to inspire your own creative spirit.



Then collect your journal and pens that you want to use to create your daily affirmation page.


Open your journal to the page you would like to create on. I like to use lined pages to practice different fonts and sizes of my lettering. The lines guide me in this process.



As you look over the list let your creative spirit find words that call to you. I choose to use the “I carry” prompt.



I then added the words “story” and “boldly.” I first wrote the word and then outlined the edges to create a different font.






I chose to repeat the I carry prompt and add another affirmation below.



Here is a collection of affirmations I have created over the last 6 months of starting this project.






I would love to connect with you. Find me at artistnicholerae.com and connect with me via facebook or instagram.


Nichole Rae is a mixed-media artist who has a passion for documenting her life through books arts, photography, writing and typography design. She resides both in Minnesota and Nova Scotia, and is the author of the book Art Journal Art Journey: Collage and Storytelling for Honoring Your Creative Process. Visit her website artistnicholerae.com.

Art Journal Art Journey_160To find out more or order a copy of Art Journal Art Journey, click here.

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