Make a Polymer Clay Outlet Cover

A guest post by Kira Slye

I just moved into a new home. Well, actually it’s a pretty old home built in 1880. There’s a funky Munster’s style gate out front, old wood floors and moldings, and an abundance of electrical outlets mysteriously missing their covers. It’s as if the old owners took them all with them!


This is my art studio, I painted it a warm orange and the accents are pink- my favorite combination. It may have been hard to find room accessories in those colors, so naturally my first thought is to make them myself.


Making your own outlet covers is something you can do quickly and easily from polymer clay and a few mixed-media supplies. Let’s make one together.


You will need:

  • Outlet faceplate from the home store, plastic or metal
  • One 2 oz. brick of polymer clay- Shown is Premo Orange
  • Brilliance Dewdrop heat set pigment ink
  • Swarovski crystals
  • Clay blade and craft knife
  • Glazed ceramic tile
  • Rubber stamp
  • Acrylic rolling pin or pasta machine


First, choose a color of clay and roll it out to a medium-thin thickness. I used an Atlas pasta machine set to #4. You can also use a rolling pin.


Next, place the clay on a glazed tile and put a rubber stamp over it to impress a design. Don’t press too hard or the clay may get stuck in the stamp. Use your roller to help impress the design.


Cut off the excess and save it for later.


IMG_1313Use a clay blade to scoop the clay off the tile so you can stretch it over your plastic or metal faceplate. You need this so you can space the holes and support it during baking.


Gently press the clay onto the plate and flip over so you can cut out the holes with an exacto knife.


IMG_1316Decorate with inks, press glass crystals or beads into the surface, and have fun designing.

You can also add inks and paints after baking if you like.

Bake the clay for 30 minutes right on the tile and outlet plate.


When it’s done baking, let it cool, remove it from the outlet plate (which you can reuse to make more) and screw it on! Enjoy the personalization that this quick project brings to your room.


U2255_COVER.inddKira Slye is the co-author of Polymer Clay Art Jewelry and the co-host of Polymer Clay TV.





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One Response to Make a Polymer Clay Outlet Cover

  1. kyralea says:

    I love this idea! When I moved in, I took some old scrapbook pages, placed them on ele outlet covers and mod podge’d them.

    This looks like a neat thing to try so I had added this to my to do list so I can try making them another unique way!

    I have the book this was taken from, I just have not made it to that page in my ebook yet.