Make Tissue, Fringed and Cone Paper Flowers!

Flowers are one of those embellishments that stands the test of time. Here author Ronda Palazzari shares some of her favorite flower tutorials—perfect for adding the finishing touches to any of your pieces.

These techniques from Art of Layers uses everyday paper products to mimic the transparency, delicacy, color and texture of Mother Nature’s glory. We’re certain you’ll find dozens of ways to use them!

(This tutorial was previously published in the book Art of Layers by Ronda Palazzari, copyright 2012; republished here courtesy of

Sewing Trinket Box
As I child, I always wanted to do things on my own. I was always wanting to learn. When I was six, I asked my momma to teach me to sew. I wanted more clothes for my baby doll. We couldn’t always afford the ones from the store, so I decided to make them. She taught me to use the sewing machine and to create miniature outfits. I was always playing in her button jar looking for accessories. This little trinket box reminds me of all those little memories and how my love for sewing keeps growing.


Materials: tissue pattern paper, scalloped punch, paper piercer, brad

Step 1

Using an old tissue pattern paper, fold tissue paper in half and then in half again. The fold width is determined by your punch size.




Step 2

Using a scalloped circle punch, carefully slip the tissue paper into the punch and punch out 4 scalloped circles. Move the scalloped circle punch down the tissue paper and punch again to gather another 4 scalloped circles.



Step 3

Stack all  punched scalloped pieces of tissue paper together into one piece. Using a paper piercer, punch a small hole in the center of all 8 scalloped circles and place the brad in the center of the scalloped circles.




Step 4

Using your fingers, pull layer by layer, the
scalloped tissue paper toward the center, scrunching the piece as you pull.




Paper Love

This technique also works great using old book pages or dictionary pages. You can string lots of patterned papers and tissue papers on baker’s twine to make a fun home décor banner that can adorn any fireplace mantle, door frame, or window. Stream them along the ceiling for a new twist on party streamers.








Materials: patterned paper, circle punch, paper piercer, brad, scissors

Step 1

Using a 2″ (5cm) circle punch, cut out at least 6 circle punches of patterned paper.




Step 2

Stack all punched circle pieces of patterned paper together. Using a paper piercer, punch a small hole in the center of all 6 punched circles and place brad in the center of the circles. Attach the brad to the center.




Step 3

Using a pair of sharp scissors, cut from the outside of the circle towards the center of the circle creating a fringe around the entire circle.




Step 4

Using your fingers, pull the first layer of fringed punched circle toward the center.
Keep repeating this technique, pulling up each layer towards the center.




The Final Product!







Materials: patterned paper, paper trimmer, pencil, scissors, liquid glue, paper piercer, brad, *Cone Flower template on page 122

Step 1

Using a paper trimmer, cut a 4″×4″ (10cm×10cm) square from a piece of patterned paper. Using a pencil, draw a spiral shape circle from the outside edge to the center of the paper making a 1⁄2″ (13mm) circle in the center (See Cone Flower template on page 122). Using sharp scissors, cut out the spiral starting at the outside edge and continuing toward the middle of the circle.


Step 2

Working from the inside of the spiral piece toward the outside, roll the paper piece around loosely creating a cone  shape.




Step 3

Apply liquid glue to the outside edge, pressing and holding the piece in place until the glue is dry.




Step 4

Apply liquid glue to the center circle piece and place the conical flower down on the center, holding it in place until the glue dries. Using a paper piercer, punch a small hole in the center of the flower and place the brad in the center.



The Final Flower!






From Art of Layers by Ronda Palazzari, 2012; courtesy of


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