Modeling Film Flower: A Tutorial

Author Lisa M. Pace knows it’s all about the details—a little glitter here, a piece of ribbon there, and a great embellishment, well, just about anywhere!

And in this tutorial, the author of Delight in the Seasons will show you, step by step, how to make a truly mixed media embellishment that will knock your socks off! You’ll get all the tips and tricks necessary to create a beautiful multidimensional flower out of modeling film, a die cutting machine, a rubber stamp, some ink and a heat tool. You can also make this piece truly individual by cutting your petal layers by hand! Then use the flower to decorate an album cover or box top, or pick a pretty frame and hang it on your wall!

(This tutorial was previously published in the book Delight in the Seasons by Lisa M. Pace, copyright 2012; republished here courtesy of

Modeling Film Flower

Modeling film is a really fun product to play with; you can cut it into any shape with decorative scissors or dies, then use a heat gun to shape it into unique embellishments. Keep this product in mind when you look at dies, especially flower dies. You could create an entire bouquet of these flowers by using several different flower dies. When you are creating flowers, you do need to work quickly once you turn off the heat gun as the film cools down fast, and once it is cooled, the film hardens into shape. However, if a petal is not quite how you want it, just reheat and reshape. Remember to work safely, as the heat gun is very hot and you don’t want to burn yourself!

What You’ll Need

modeling film, large flower die, alcohol inks (three colors), alcohol ink blending
tool, nonstick craft mat, stamp, acrylic block, ink, scissors, heat tool, strong, clear drying
liquid adhesive, silk flower stamens and leaves, glitter glue

Step 1

Using a large flower die, cut 3 flowers out of modeling film (I used the Tattered Floral Bigz Die for my die and Clearly For Art for my modeling film). Place the die-cut flowers onto a nonstick craft mat and apply the alcohol inks. I blended 3 alcohol ink colors on the flowers by applying the inks directly to the felt part of a blending tool and rotating the blending tool after each application.

Step 2

Apply ink to a texture stamp and stamp each flower.



Step 3

Cut between 2 petals to the center of one of the flowers. (Later we’ll refer to this as Flower 1.)



Step 4

Repeat step 3 on a second flower. Make a second cut on this flower to completely remove 1 petal. (Later we’ll refer to this as Flower 2.)



Step 5

Repeat step 3 on the last flower. Make a second cut to remove 2 joined petals from this flower. The larger piece with 4 petals is Flower 3 and the smaller piece with 2 petals is Flower 4.


Step 6

Using the heat tool, heat Flower 1. While the modeling film is soft, mold the flower so that the petal on the right side of the cut you made is on top of the petal to the left side of the cut. Drawing the flower together in this way will give it somewhat of a cone shape and will make the piece dimensional. Let the modeling film cool completely.

Step 7

Repeat step 6 with Flower 2. Since one of the petals has been removed from Flower 2, it will form a smaller cone than Flower 1.


Step 8

Repeat step 6 with Flower 3.




Step 9

Using the  heat tool,  heat  Flower 4 and  roll it  into a  small  cone.  If desired, you can clip the petals in half to make them a bit smaller and more delicate looking.





Step 10

Using a strong, clear-drying liquid adhesive, attach the flower pieces. Stack them largest to smallest. Let the glue dry completely.





Step 11

Attach silk flower stamens into the center of the flower using a clear drying adhesive.  Accent the edges of each petal using glitter glue. Allow the glitter glue to dry completely.





Step 12

Attach 2 silk leaves underneath the flower using a strong liquid adhesive.





More Delightful Options

If modeling film isn’t your medium of choice, you can also create this gorgeous flower using fabric scraps and fabric stiffener. Cut the fabric pieces exactly as you would modeling film, but once they’re cut, soak them in fabric stiffener. Then, while the stiffener is still wet, shape the petals as shown here. You will need to be inventive to find ways to make the petals stay in shape while they dry. Try propping them up with glasses and other kitchen items. Once dry, use a fabric adhesive to attach the pieces into a stack. There is always more than one way to do something to make it fit your taste, especially in the crafting world. Always experiment!


From Delight in the Seasons by Lisa M. Pace, 2012; courtesy of

To learn more about or purchase Delight in the Seasons by Lisa M. Pace, click here.

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