New Ways to Love Something Old

*A guest post by Victoria Rose Martin.

Last night I got bored so I stared looking around the room. My husband knows that look and he gets a little bit nervous as my eyes pan around the room. Finally, my gaze fell upon a couple of necklaces I liked but just didn’t love anymore. Both were a bit short and they fell weirdly into my cleavage. Grabbing the necklaces, my bead box, scissors and necklace wire, I got to work. And an hour later I had a brand new necklace that I now love.

That brings me to this month’s question/challenge; do you have something lying around your house you don’t quite love anymore but you just can’t stand to let it go?
Perhaps it’s a cozy shirt that got a bit too stretched out? Maybe it’s a pair of pants with hole? Either way here are five ideas to breathe fresh life into worn out things you might have lying around your house. And maybe it will lead you to a new creative outlet you never of thought of before.

1. Restring an old necklace.
Here’s my new/old necklace I made last night.


Here’s your challenge: dig around in your jewelry box. Find two things that you don’t like anymore. How can you break each of them apart and then join them together? Perhaps it’s taking old necklace charms or medals, attaching them to a chain like this example I found on Etsy. Or combing parts of a bracelet to make a necklace.


Bringing different things together can help you discover new ways to express your creativity.

2. I had this pair of white jeans that I bought with holes in the legs. While they look cool on some people, I just felt like a goof ball every time I wore them. Instead of giving them away I covered the holes with small scraps of lace and fabric.


Don’t patch your jeans with traditional iron on patches. Why not explore your options? Looking for something romantic? Then lace is your friend. Want something with a bit more edge? Try leather or suede instead. And you’re not limited to jeans, you could cut lace and add it to the collar of a jacket and then bling it up with old broaches and pins.


DIY: Lace inset jeans tutorial by JOYBOBO


3. While growing up we always had woven rugs on the floor. There’s something really homey that I just love about them.



I found this woven rug at Upcyclista and it is made from old bicycle inner tubes. Don’t you just love it when creative people find really cool uses for old discarded things? And if you wind up making something really interesting, the send photos Upcyclista. They are always looking for interesting up-cycled projects to share.

4. Got an old leather jacket that you just don’t wear? You can send it to and they can refashion it into a cool new handbag. Or if you’re feeling crafty try making one for yourself. Imagine combining different leathers textures to achieve trendy chic looks. Remember you can always make phone cases and wallets for the favorite man in your life too.


5. And finally, who doesn’t have a bunch of T-shirts they just don’t wear anymore? Why not make an infinity scarf? I found this cool infinity scarf step-by-step tutorial at LilBlueBoo.


Infinity scarves by Ashely Hackshaw, aka, Lil Blue Boo


Remember, you aren’t limited to using T-shirts; old dress shirts, slacks and skirts can be repurposed in the same way.

Recycling old worn out objects isn’t just good for the planet; it’s great for your wallet. And by trying some of these projects you might just stumble across a new creative passion. As always remember to post your successes and fails on your social media.


Victoria Rose Martin is an artist and designer currently living in South Florida. She is the Department Chair for Fine Art and Graphic Design at Palm Beach State College in Lake Worth, Florida. You can visit her website at:


For more repurposing ideas, check out:

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