Polymer Clay and Stencil Play

A guest post by Ilysa Ginsburg

I want to share with you another fun and easy technique that you probably already have in your mixed media bag of tricks that also works on polymer clay.  Stenciling is just as easy to do on polymer clay as it is on paper or canvas. You can use paint, pigment ink, dye ink, powdered pigments and anything that will impart color onto polymer clay. Experiment for a variety of looks and don’t be afraid to layer several stencils for a completely different look. This is a really easy technique that looks absolutely fabulous, so lets start playing with some stencils!

stenciled polymer clay

stenciled polymer clay

stenciled polymer clay

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U2255_COVER.inddIlysa Ginsburg is the co-author of Polymer Clay Art Jewelry: How to Make Jewelry Projects Using New Techniques. You can find her at emeraldearth.com, ilysaart.etsy.com, craftylink.com, thingscrafty.com and polymerclayproductions.com.

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